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Meet the needs of users, Mercury MW300R wireless router

2018-06-25 11:57:23

Bubble network wireless router channel March 13 Mercury MW300R wireless router looks stylish, excellent performance, very worth recommending. It is an 11N product. Its transmission speed is 300M, which can meet the user's demand for high bandwidth, save the time spent on transferring large files in the network, improve work efficiency, and is suitable for use in enterprises, offices, etc.

This product has a WPS one-touch security setting button at the right end of the front panel, allowing users to easily and quickly encrypt the network, and it also supports 64/128/152-bit WEP encryption. Supports WPA/WPA-PSK and WPA2/WPA2-PSK security mechanisms, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of network congestion and the network is not hacked.

The Mercury MW300R wireless router supports multiple port forwarding such as virtual servers, special applications, and DMZ hosts. It can be used to build intranet websites. The built-in firewall can perform IP, MAC, and URL addresses. Filtering, effective control of the host's access to the Internet and the time spent on the Internet, and its occupied bandwidth, to avoid uneven distribution of resources.

The wireless router has a high transmission speed of 300M, fully satisfying the user's demand for bandwidth. Although it does not use the design of three antennas, its signal strength and coverage area are still good, and in terms of price More advantages, the current offer is only 108 yuan, is a very affordable, high cost performance products. Interested friends can consult with the dealer, mentioning bubble nets at the time of purchase can also get more discounts.

Mercury MW300R

Mercury Router [Reference price] 108RMB

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