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Millet Wireless Router Setup Method

2018-07-30 11:49:55

At present, router products are gradually being developed, major companies have emerged routes of new brands, and millet is one of them. Xiaomi, which has shown its prominence in the mobile phone market, now has his brand in the field of routers and has also won The favor of some users, Xiaobian compiles a comprehensive millet router setup for Xiaomi's router setup today and hopes to help everyone.

Millet Router Setup Tutorials

Millet Router is a Boardcom dual-core 1GHz processor with 256MB DDR3 memory . It supports the 802.11ac wireless protocol standard and can provide dual frequency band of 2.4GHz+5GHz. The former has the highest transmission rate of 300Mbps+866Mbps. And also built-in 1TB hard drive, is a top-generation new smart wireless router fever, which supports router settings in computers and mobile phones, nonsense is not much to say, take a look at the detailed millet router set up graphic tutorials.

Millet Router setup diagram

Millet router setup is very simple, basically four steps: First is the hardware connection , Then start the router, then configure the way, and finally manage it anywhere on your computer or mobile phone. In fact, the millet router setup is quite simple, the basic three steps can be summarized, as shown below:

Millet Router Setup Step Diagram

Detailed millet router configuration steps and methods, general router user settings tutorial please refer to: Wireless Router Settings Graphic tutorials teach you how to set up a wireless router.

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