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Millet router Youth Edition no USB interface, how to connect the millet WiFi amplifier

2018-03-03 14:21:05

millet router youth version without the USB interface, how to connect to

only 2 steps can use millet millet WiFi amplifier router WiFi connection millet youth version) amplifier, which will be after electrify to millet millet WiFi amplifier router youth version (2) after being millet WiFi amplifier light blue insert USB interface of the other location.

appearance, millet WiFi amplifier fuselage USES white plastic shell, the fuselage length is 121 mm, width is 28 mm, thickness 8 mm, very small, so need to carry out the user also provides a great convenience.Installed in

, the first insert the millet WiFi amplifier matching router, after successful matching can be used.When using, need to use the pad or pad for its charge, in this mode can be normal use.In addition, millet WiFi larger version can also be connected to other routers, it is important to note, however, need to download "Millet intelligent family "The client matching.

millet WiFi amplifier using a standard USB interface for power supply and data interface, at the same time, considering the use of different environment need to USB interface is designed to rotary, maximum 180 & deg;The adjustable design.This 180 & deg;Rotating USB phone let the WiFi amplifier becomes more practical, width of both high and low basic can adapt to the environment.Router users and

for the new millet millet WiFi amplifier management, millet intelligent home APP is must be a mobile application.From the point of the connection step of APP and WiFi amplifier is not complicated, open the millet intelligent family APP, the phone will automatically prompt discovery millet WiFi amplifier equipment, then according to the prompt to complete the related configuration and connection.The network name and millet WiFi amplifier is more obvious, mainly in our original WiFi network name behind plus a "_plus "Of characters.

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