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Millet router app how to connect millet router

2018-03-03 13:58:10

science and technology developed in recent years, the Internet era of rapid development, the network in the 21st century is an essential part of our life, either in life or in work, all need it.And router and network closely linked, it is a wonderful thing, can let a network cable, at the same time satisfy the function of the people on the Internet, is an essential part of our reality.Also we need to learn to router operation, today give you introduce router app how to connect with millet millet router.

millet millet router router is millet company launched on November 20, 2013 router products, is also the first of millet, the router products, in 2013 officially launched on December 19, beta, millet router can achieve similar NAS functions, as a family to use the data center, built-in hard disk to store data.It USES Broadcom 1 GHz dual-core processor, support 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz dual-band WiFi and 802.11 ac agreement, built-in 1 tbsata hard drives, 256 MB DDR3 memory;Beta also with 6 class cable a screwdriver, gloves, a cooling fan, infrared remote control, thunderbolt platinum membership card, etc.On April 23, 2014, millet router, sells for 699 yuan.

millet router apps introduced

millet router app is made for millet router, is the mobile phone can let you control application of millet routers, software function is very powerful, regardless of the computer, mobile phone also can be free remote router.Graphical list, simple and easy to use.Each dosage of equipment state and be clear at a glance, a key diagnostic, troubleshooting, seconds to play network intruder.Millet App store luxuriant and upgrade the App to help you fully management millet routers, in their pockets of "Routing remote control ", let you really say goodbye to the Web management, millet can fully managed router router application, including the guide Settings, upgrades, downloads, application plug-in management, router Settings, and so on, can get rid of the limit, at any time anywhere the remote management of your router.

millet router app connection step

1, open mobile search "Millet routers ", just click download and install.After

2, installed, click login (no account directly registered) and then click the binding, binding millet

3, bring up a router interface, enter the millet router password management

4, as shown, enter the main interface,

5, finger from left to right sliding screen, click on the left side of the "Advanced Settings "

6, pop-up interface as shown, you can set the router password related functions

router is everywhere in our life, so choose a good router is also vital, and millet router is a brand that is worth to recommend.Everybody looked at me in the face of millet router's simple introduction, and the simple mobile phone should be how to control the millet router also had certain understanding, can be set themselves on the phone, and simple and convenient.

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