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Millet router to open the hard disk can be automatically extended within the hibernation disk life s

2018-02-28 16:04:48

millet router built-in 1 TB of large capacity hard disk, the daily storage film and share data for the users has brought great convenience, but most routers are open for a long time, this will lead to the built-in hard disk also long-term continuous operation, and hard disk as the hardware in the fragile, long-term operation can have great influence to the life.Based on this, the millet router Settings, will see a "Hard disk auto sleep "Settings, open this function non-work state hard disk can be placed in a suspended state, which can extend the built-in the lifespan of the hard disk.Share below small make up to you, how to open the millet router hard disk auto sleep function.

a, first landing millet router management interface, and then from the control panel on the left side of the enter "System Settings ", as shown in the figure below:

second, next, in the system Settings, you can see "Hard disk auto sleep "Can be set up, we will open the switch, as shown in the figure below: more than

through simple two step Settings, can open millet router hard disk protection, for a lot of friends, may not be too care about this feature, but did not open this function, millet router to the default non-stop every day open the router for a long time, will cause certain influence to the hard disk life, so if you want to protect the hard disk, suggest to open this function.

finally it is worth mentioning, if open the millet router SSH connection, hard disk automatically open millet router dormancy can cause some logon failure problem, so this tutorial is suitable for the users to recommend not open open SSH connection, has opened up users, suggest close the SSH, and open the hard disk protection function.

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