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Millet 4c support expansion memory card it? Millet 4c support the size of the memory card?

2018-01-12 12:09:45

millet 4 c support extended storage card?

millet 4 c does not support extended memory CARDS.

according to provide information, can know to millet 4 c support extended memory card?Millet 4 c provides a variety of color design options, including white, grey, blue, pink, and yellow, but it is important to note that the fuselage back cover sealed.Millet 4 edge has a touch function, can realize the global return and take photos, and other functions, one hand is also very convenient to operate.4 C

batteries, millet is equipped with 3080 mah battery high voltage (4.4 V), support the quick charge 2.0, using the USB Type - C interface, and can be inserted, became the first the USB Type - C interface of millet mobile phone.Features, Type C interface - the biggest characteristic is that there is no distinction between positive and negative pins blind plug, reduce operating difficulty, dark night, to hear the positive and negative interface).4 c support how much storage card

millet millet 4 c does not support extended memory CARDS, storage with high and low two optional, with low version of 2 gb of RAM + 16 gb ROM, the high-end version of 3 gb of RAM + 32 gb ROM.

millet 4 c double card all netcom mode, double Micro SIM card supports the whole network format.Other millet to his name so version 2.0, compared with "Telecom only in the main card can use 4 g, and unicom/mobile 4 g, vice card for telecom "This model, the new version support "4 g mobile/unicom, principal and vice card for telecom GSM"Double limit between networks of smaller.But need to pay attention to, the double card tech-oriented web 2.0 version still does not support the deputy card are in telecommunications.

millet 4 c support extended memory card problem summary.Millet 4 c USES the 5.0 -inch IPS screens, a resolution of 1920 ×1080 pixels (FHD), with the sun screen technology on brightness and color are achieved with the mainstream of the price level, sharpness is very good also, reached 441 ppi pixel density.Millet 4 c on the back of the used the processing of polycarbonate back shell, matte paint coating is very delicate, and no particles, measurements is 138.1 * 69.6 * 69.6 mm, weighs 132 g.

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