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Millet TV 3S memory is how much? What is the storage space?

2018-01-15 17:08:21

3 s memory: how much is

millet millet TV TV 3 s memory is 2 gb.

according to provide information, can know to millet TV 3 s memory is how much.Millet TV 3 s is equipped with a minimalist remote controls, support the forefront of bluetooth 4.1 technology, low power consumption is not susceptible to cut off.Millet TV 3 s officially paid membership system, the annual fee is 199 yuan, only compare Letv 490 yuan more honest, it is a pity that the member system is limited to iQIYI video platform, mango TV, TV TV platform, such as charging extra pay.

millet 3 s continuation of three generations of TV separation design, the host and is completely separated from the screen, the machine is only 5.9 mm thick, the glass thickness is 0.4 mm, the back is the integration of high strength metal backboard back, side and bottom in ultra-thin wedge guide plate.

millet 3 s how much storage space is

millet TV 3 s is 8 gb of storage space.

millet TV 3 s 65 inches surface also support network video on demand, content resources, integrated central galaxy Internet TV broadcast control platform (GITV), together with four plates party content at the same time, the latest and most all basically a net, film and television movies, video entertainment and children's education class content, need a remote click want to watch the movie icon to go play into the interface.

questions about millet TV 3 s memory is much, will do a detailed answer below.Millet TV 3 s interface all practical and necessary, from left to right are three can support 4 k 60 hz signal input HDMI2.0 standard interface, it also supports the latest HDCP2.2 version content protection technology.And then start, USB2.0, responsible for all the host to the TV signal and power supply "Rice noodle "Interface, as well as the VGA, AV, RF and other traditional audio and video input/output interface.

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