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Millet mifi portable router how much money, millet mifi portable router price introduction

2018-02-24 10:35:55

4 g mifi router with the second paragraph of millet net from miit license, type was unveiled at the same time, introduce the millet mifi before your router configuration parameters.The millet mifi router how much money with you?Small make up today continue to introduce the millet mifi router with the price, want to start with friends can first to know!

from the information that the ministry website, millet and the models for MF855 4 g mifi routing, although the device name for the td-scdma LTE wireless data terminal, will let users mistakenly assume that only supports mobile network;But note shown in support of TD - LTD, LTE TDD, and td-scdma, WCDMA and GSM five network system, covers the China mobile, China unicom and China telecom operators 4 g networks, but sadly it didn't see support for China telecom CDMA network.

the device production enterprise for electronic technology co., LTD., jiangsu purple m equipment producing area of tianjin, the release date for July 14, 2015, is the last week to get the access permission, certificate number is 17 - B494-152832.Before the

visible from the appearance of the continuation of the MF815 design style, like millet their mobile power supply, but the shell is replace by the metal here into plastics.

positive interface provides a USB output and MicroUSB input respectively, a total of three LED the green light, respectively, according to network signals, WIFI and remaining power.Side have a silver switch button, for the work status;In addition also provides the App management tools, mobile phone can see traffic, electricity, SMS, etc., the operation is very convenient.

router annotation on the back of the product's built-in battery capacity, 7800 mah (28 wh), a typical application based on 5.1 V 1 a conversion efficiency is as high as 90%, effective output capacity of 5000 mah, mark's specification.Nameplate printing model for MF855, the input 5 v 2 A, output 5 v 2.1 A.

similar current 4 g whole netcom mifi price is in 500 yuan price, built-in battery capacity is 1500 mah,

from configuration millet at this product for business travellers the double requirements of mobile office and cell phone charging, but the retail price is unknown, such as pricing is in 300 yuan of less than, or quite devastating.

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