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Millet router how to set up the use of relay

2018-02-13 11:12:58

router relay believe a lot of friends are new, in fact, the router relay is a relay in wireless router in the network connection, can realize signal relay and amplifier, thus extends the wireless network coverage, and it need more than two wireless router to achieve.Below to bring us the millet router mini relay Settings tutorial, want to also don't know how routers relay setting friends help.

the setup, home have a TP - Link wireless router, and already has set up a wireless network, you need to connect the millet Mini wireless router TP cc-link router realize relay, into the ascension wireless network coverage, such as TP - Link router is placed on the first floor, millet router can be placed on the second floor, after the success of the relay, can realize the wireless signal coverage on the second floor.

the following is a detailed millet router mini relay Settings tutorial

1. Take out your first millet routing mini, open your computer!

2. Open miwifi.com into the management page.

3. Click the routing Settings, and then select Internet Settings.

4. The way to the bottom, see a working mode switch Settings.

5. Click "Switch "Button, you can see the millet routing offers two options: general routing working mode and relay work mode, select relay work mode.

6. Click "The next step "It came out relay mode Settings page, routing automatically scan the wireless signal.

7. The search is complete, choose the strongest signal a routing, but if the routing is not what you want to relay, point triangle of their choice, choose to relay routing, enter your wireless password (is the password you want to relay, but I recommend you to the original route of the wireless SSID and password and now the best millet routing is set, then the wireless connection will be easier).

8. After the set only need to click "A key wireless relay "Wait a little bit about the, millet routing automatically as we set off.Will remind millet after the completion of the wireless signal have become like relay signals, there is a second is very important, must see clear, also want to remember, this is the address of the management after millet routing relay mode, relay, there is no way to use miwifi.com and management, please remember the management IP.

9. Determine the routing restart, waiting for good can direct access to the Internet via cable now, open the web page as smooth.

10. The following said how to restore to the original general routing work mode, will use the above mentioned here to keep in mind the management IP, input just manage IP in your browser's address bar, enter the original management password, login, millet is routing relay mode management page now, no common routing model of guns, connections are not the same as the picture.

11. Still choose the relay Settings, and then select the above Settings, this time only one working mode switching function, optional features also only have three left.

12. Click "Switch "Button, after as before mode selection, selection "Routing mode ".

13. Next, come out a reminder page, this can need not tube, direct point "Identify "Will do.

14. To determine the posterior by will restart, at this point, set up will be done common routing patterns, millet routing signals SSID turned back to the original name, management address also changed back.

15. Reconnect the broadband, open the router, speed again, everything is back, now you can also own the freedom to choose between routing model and relay switch.More than

mini relay is millet router Settings tutorial, I hope to be of help.

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