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Millet router setting

2018-01-05 12:46:58

millet as a focus on intelligent hardware and electronic products research and development of mobile Internet company, and millet product concept Born to a fever ", millet into visible in the field of intelligent home products, millet router is one of them.

millet router with the traditional router has a bigger difference, the function of the traditional simple intelligent router network adapter, and millet in addition to the network adapter, a router can also backup your camera photos, videos offline download, online game acceleration, and other functions.As an intelligent router, its exclusive mobile phone App can be remotely operated routers, support the network, online reminder, remote search area download, intelligent speed limits, advertisement interception, game speed, bandwidth speed, and other functions.

saw here, without someone asks, millet router is so complex that the how to set up and use?Below the Pacific network will come and you make a brief introduction of millet router Settings.

millet router Settings?

PC set millet router steps:

first millet router connect the power supply, broadband lines with millet router blue Throughout the Internet interface &;Or "WLAN”Interface is linked together, and then use Internet cable will be black millet router LAN port is connected to a computer network card.

the next open a browser, input www.miwifi.com”Or " "Open the millet router management interface, and then input Password management "For landing operation.

if PC equipped with wireless card, of course, we can also through the connection contains Xiaomi”Hot to wirelessly connected millet router.After completion of

landing operation, switch to Routing setting "TAB, click Outside the network Settings "Entry into, and then enter the account information provided by the network operator to complete network access Settings.

then we can follow one's inclinations of millet router set operation.Such as switch to Routing setting "- >Shutdown & amp;Restart "Item, it can be for millet router perform shutdown or restart operations.

mobile terminal router Settings millet steps:

switch on mobile wireless networks, search to Xiaomi”The beginning of the hot spots, the router will be automatically connected to millet.Will pop up, after the completion of

when the connection millet router download The client "Interface, directly click to download and install at this time.

to download and complete the client installation, formal of millet router management into the interface.

in the pop-up Outside the network Settings "Interface, enter the network operators to complete network access Settings provide account after operation.

then restart the WiFi name and password.Upon the Internet access Settings, click on the top right corner of Set up "Button.How to set up

millet router in open Set up "In the interface can be specific Settings on millet router for operation.Here is no longer in detail.How to set up

millet router?Set up, can enjoy referral millet routers to bring you convenient smart home life, more about the function of millet router, also looking forward to you to discover in the using process, to add luster to your life.

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