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Millet routing sharing methods introduced millet routing how to share

2018-02-12 11:34:56

for today's society, almost went door to door installed the wifi, we all know, a router to connect the wifi in the home, the router is almost indispensable to every household, our home has a router in the home, small make up today, router, to introduce the millet millet routers can share files, but many people may not know how to operate, small make up now is to teach you, how to use a millet router sharing files.Millet routing method of Shared files:

. The sharing of millet routing method is very simple, first of all, we need to find the official website of the millet router in the official website search millet router's client, when we find the client, you can go to download and install the client, we need millet router is commonly PC client, but if your laptop is apple laptops, so will not be able to download the PC clients, but to download the MAC client.

2. Then we began to login the client, after landing the client, we will enter millet router's home page, we'll see the millet Shared disk.

3. When we open the Shared disk, we will see a page, with verbal directions, we can according to the prompt, manage file to the hard disk.

4. When we open my computer, we can see a millet routers Shared disk, here are two plates, one is Shared, a is privacy, privacy is not synchronized, if not, can carry out remote control.

5. Then we need to according to actually to change my IP address, because the IP address is not the same can't be operate, so to change the IP address.

6. We can also through the browser to change the IP address, steps is very simple, in setting up there, if not the dear friends, you can go to baidu how to modify the IP address on the browser.

7. After we complete the above steps, we will have one more in your computer drive plate, this is a network drive plate, we can go in after to transfer our files, backup, and management, millet router sharing is completed.

millet routing Shared connection mode, small make up have to introduce the finished, everybody after finishing see will, in fact, it is very simple, as long as you have mastered the basic principle, and millet router sharing is very popular, you can try to buy a millet router, the operation is very simple, the speed of the Shared file soon, also believe that the broad masses of friends like a router, small make up today's introduction to here, everyone learned how to share files?

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