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Millet wireless router brick how to do?

2018-02-23 17:30:34

millet wireless router brick?Sometimes due to improper system upgrades or brush opportunity millet router brick, so can't normal use.Millet router brick?Small make up before this has brought people a millet router usb flash graphic tutorials, and today, small make up for all the detailed of millet router usb flash video tutorials, the sister of this video will teach you how to solve the problem of millet router brick, similar friends, don't try so hard, the first watch the following video maybe can solve the problem.Interested friends can see oh.

millet millet router usb flash video tutorial router series products adopt "AB double system + safety recovery system "The triple guarantee mechanism to ensure the stable operation of the system and data security.Therefore, millet router only serious problems in a hard disk failure or system will not start

millet router brick can not start, generally there are two kinds of state:

1. The router lights show red normally on

at this point, the router has serious problems due to AB + safety recovery system cannot be started.

for hard disk version (R1D), millet millet router router mini router (R1C) and new millet hard disk version (R2D), this case needs to be addressed by usb flash.If U disk flash cannot solve, please contact the customer returned to the factory processing.

2. The router lights flashing red

at this point, the router into safe due to AB system boot failure recovery system.

for millet router hard disk version (R1D), basic functions, the wireless network can still work normally.Web pages can be connected to the router management background flash back a key, if failed restore requires the use of usb flash.

for millet mini routers (R1C) and the new hard disk version (R2D), millet router need to directly use usb flash to restore.Millet router usb flash method steps:


1, to prepare a system format for FAT or FAT32 U disk;

2, the millet router's website miwifi.com to download for flash ROM package;

here to remind a bit, hard disk version for millet router (R1D) have special usb flash package, this ROM package will not remove the data on the hard disk.Mini for millet router (R1C) and the new hard disk version (R2D), millet router using website normal ROM package for usb flash will not remove the data on the hard disk.

3, will download good ROM package into the U disk root directory, and name it "Miwifi. Bin";

4, disconnect the power of the router, will U disk insert USB interface of the router;, after

5, with a slender tools hold down the reset switch on the power, to the router lights into yellow light flashing, loosen the reset;

6, about 3-5 minutes, the indicator light turns yellow normally on state can be pulled out when the U disk, flash has been done is to restart right now, wait a moment the router lights turned blue can be used normally.

if, in the process of flash light yellow lights flashing yellow light normally on state, after a few seconds to explain the process of the usb flash failed, please check the above flash process and a new flash operation.Note:

new millet router hard disk version (R2D) usb flash, use common ROM package will not remove the data on the hard disk, as a result, the corresponding ROM package can directly use's official website.More than

is to bring the millet router usb flash video tutorials, hope can help to you, you if I have some questions, can give us the comment box below message oh.We will do everything he can to answer them.

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