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Mobile phone how to amend the wireless router password yet

2018-02-23 17:09:03

router that everyone should not unfamiliar equipment!As smartphones, router this device appeared, it certainly brings smartphone users a lot of convenience, with the wireless network, users don't have to worry about the economic losses caused by traffic.The router Settings as we all know how to proceed?I think a lot of people just learned that the router is connected to a computer to use, there is no computer we can still experience the wireless WiFi, only need a smartphone is enough to completely, may understand mobile phone set up wireless WiFi set up the method is less, small make up detailed introduce to everyone today!

a. Modify the wireless mobile routing device password:

the router connected to the power supply first, then insert the broadband cable to the router's WAN port.If the home is telephone broadband, the need to access the broadband line cat, then from the cat's another card port, with cable connected to the router's WAN port.

2. Detailed method of mobile phone set up a wireless router password

currently listed on the new models are new ordinary wireless router generally support the use of intelligent mobile phone set, while intelligent router is virtually all support.Open in

, the first step: first of all, in the mobile wireless network Settings, if is the new router, generally switched on, the router will automatically create an initialization wireless network, choose a direct connection, without the pipe has no network.

the second step: open the mobile browser, in the address bar enter (different brand router this login address is different, specific can see the router on the fuselage nameplates.it) then open, after will pop up a login interface.Here the initial user name and password, enter the router to the default initial password is: general admin, the account name is: admin, some useless password, first need to create a set.After

the third step, log in router Settings interface, its setting methods and computer operation is the same (WWW.PC841.COM router Settings).Find the router first setup wizard, and then according to clew for the next operation.

the fourth step: open the setup wizard, click next according to clew, mainly is the need to fill in below operators provide Internet access account and password for you, the last set also need to set up Wifi network and a password.

step 5: at this step, first need to choose the way to the Internet, we are generally choose PPPoE way (can also choose to let the router automatically choose), after selection, click next.

step 6: you need to input operators offer broadband account and password, is completed, is also a click next.

step 7: then there is a wireless network set up, which is to create Wifi network, mainly fill in the name of the Wifi and create Wifi password (password suggested that complicated as far as possible, prevent tore network), has completed, click next to continue.

good, small make up with the method of the intelligent mobile phone set the router has finished to introduce, hope you study hard, to have a comprehensive knowledge of this method, the router now very widely used, as long as there are smartphones in involving the router's help, so we should to the router, this product has a detailed understanding, to have a comprehensive knowledge of it.Everybody should know!Now is the Internet era, no matter what we do is inseparable from the network, so we should know about this aspect more at ordinary times, so that we can put the function to the maximization of the network.

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