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Mobile storage devices show a few how to do it

2018-01-03 15:18:36

computer if inserted into the mobile phone memory card, u disk, disk or other, that is immediately shows "Removable storage devices ", as long as the open My computer "You can see the figures of the removable storage devices.But sometimes computer clearly didn't insert any mobile device, or insert a device, is much more difficult to express several mobile storage devices, the removable storage device also can't open, unable to delete, then a computer can be mobile storage device shows several?

computer mobile storage devices show several solution

step 1, the causes of the problem after

to open the case, carefully check the lenovo desktop computer, found that the machine is not hanging over mountable mobile disk, only to hook up a piece of western digital hard disk serial port.When put back case, find the chassis front panel on this computer has a lot of SD/MMC card slot, and through the case of the cable plug on the motherboard, I think may be caused in My computer "In the root of many a removable disk.Step 2, solution,


in My computer "Right-click and choose and click Management (G) ".

2, in the open Computer management "Window, click on the window to the left of The device manager "Options, and then on the right side of the window opens at Disk drives "Before the plus sign (+), below you will see a lot of the name of the disk drive.

3, according to my more than ten years' experience in maintenance computer name WDC WD3200AAJS - 08 l7ao "Is the machine's hard disk.In addition to the local hard disk WDC WD3200AAJS - 08 l7ao "Disk drive, on the other disk drive equipment right-click respectively, and then select and click on the shortcut menu Stop "Command, in the pop-up dialog, select Is "A command button.

4, in addition to the local hard disk WDC WD3200AAJS - 08 l7ao "Disk drive, the other Disk drives "After equipment is disabled.

5, so far, the operation is over, but the problem is already solved?Now open My computer "Take a look.Note:

1, in the other disk drives must choose Stop "Command, or restart the computer or the next time, when the phone is switched on and in My computer "A lot of a removable disk appears inside.

2, even though we put other drives Stop ", but this is only a temporary stop, when we insert SD card on the chassis, the computer will automatically identify the card, and a Removable disk ".

computer mobile storage device shows several?Similar situation when people can through the article plan to solve.In addition to the computer would be a few more mobile storage devices, and some computer clearly inserted u disk, mobile phone or other external devices, but no any display on a computer, it can also use the appropriate method to solve, encounter similar situation people don't need to worry too much, that they cannot solve the they can find other people who understand the computer for help.

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