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Mobile wifi settings static ip and related settings [explain]

2018-01-11 17:01:55

wi-fi is an integral part of our daily life, most of the time we went to a place, more time is to find any WIFI, second to do other things.It can be said that the WIFI for our daily life has very big effect.Although the WIFI have seems inseparable from our daily life, but have to say for more mobile WIFI Settings, we are still very confused.Then introduce you to some related set of mobile WIFI.

mobile WIFI set up

first of all, we must ensure that the surrounding with the AP (wireless), and the AP (via wireless router) points "Wireless capabilities "Have to open it.The function of the specific operation method is: open the wireless router management interface, switch to "The wireless set "TAB, and then input "SSID"Arbitrary (name), at the same time, check "Open the radio "And "Open the SSID broadcasting "And set up "Key ".Finally click "Identify "Button.Open the phone "Program list ", click "Set up "Button.Then, in turn, click "Wireless and Internet "→"WLAN Settings ".

and then in the open "WLAN Settings "Near the window can see open Wifi signal.Click on the corresponding Wifi contact, select "Save "Can be normal access to the Internet.If no available Wifi, but sure to exist around Wifi signals, then click "Add the WLAN network "Options.In the open "Add the WLAN network "Window input network SSID, for example, in this case, baidu ID: feifeidown, finally click "Save "Button.Then click "The created or search "Connect to the wireless Wifi signal, can.

mobile WIFI static IP and DNS Settings click on the desktop Settings, click the wi-fi options.In wi-fi has been detected several signal interface, click on your wifi network.Pop-up input password window, displays the advanced options.A finger down, click the IP Settings under the DHCP.DHCP there down with his fingers, pull out the static this option.IP address Settings 192.168.0. * * * (2-254) gateway set DNS Settings for your local DSN (preferred), server address (standby here with the Settings on the computer almost do not know can see how computers, finally click on save, such wi-fi static IP is set up.Enter the password login, OK to configure connection success!In this paper to introduce about

some related set of mobile WIFI.For everyday users, of course, the most important mobile WIFI Settings should be set up online, because only I can make good use of the mobile WIFI Internet Settings, you can achieve more software on your mobile phone use and communication.At the same time, along with the advance of mobile WIFI, we are now able to use a mobile phone WIFI for file transfer.Can say mobile WIFI set correctly can really bring very much convenience to our daily life.

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