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Mobile wireless network connection but not on the net

2018-02-26 12:12:09

mobile phone on the wireless connection but not the net

now many young people will use mobile wireless network to watch a movie or play games online, but sometimes when using the wireless network on the net, then the mobile wireless network connection but not on the net?Below to introduce the phone but not on the net on a wireless network connection solution, hurriedly take a look.

1 do you have any questions, first check the wireless network, and other wireless devices can connect to the wireless Internet can't get to the Internet, do not use routers, directly to the computer network connections, dial-up connection, using computer to look at the computer to the Internet, if the computer can surf the Internet, network no problem.

2, is a wireless network password changed, the password is not correct, so the computer network, log back in wireless networks, wireless password is determined.Can log in the management of the wireless router interface to make sure the wireless password.

3, restart the phone, sometimes it is the process of the mobile phone is not stable.

4, login management interface, see if the router set up advanced security Settings, see the router is set the IP address and MAC address binding function, because once opened this function, even if, even on the Internet on the mobile web, in that case, you can turn off this feature, or the phone's MAC address to the router in the white list.

5, isn't it too far from the router, the mobile phone and routers between too many obstacles, lead to poor wireless signal, even if the phone even on the network is very poor, can adjust the position of the router, as far as possible in a reasonable position.About

cell phone but not on the net on a wireless network connection is introduced here, hope to be of help!Related:


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