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Mobile wlan connection is not how is it? How to deal with it?

2018-02-23 16:47:48

sometimes use a mobile phone for connection to the wireless network, there will be a mobile wlan wireless network signal connection or not, but is unable to connect to the Internet, what is going on?Follow the below small make up together to look at.

to see whether phones in

1, to see whether open flight mode, if the flight mode, not so sure the wireless network.

2, see if mobile power shortage, sometimes the lack of electricity is also unable to connect to the Internet.

3 q, if if not the above two reasons, then take their mobile phone to the router closest place to try.

4, if not, then restart the phone and see if I can connect.

5, still won't do, open mobile wireless network Settings and advanced Settings, the WLAN into dormancy set "Never "See if the router problem,


to see if the router's password change, even can not lead to cell phone?

2, see the light on the router, whether to have to take off the line of

3, and then open the see Settings, have cancel wireless?

4, restart wireless router machine to see if they solve.

search to the wireless signal, the connection is not successful to do

1, first to check whether the router is connected to the network, the login interface, the router management in running state --WAN state point mouth, WAN port parameter is not zero, if is zero, according to the router quick setup guide book, please reset it again.

2, manual set static IP address;Long name according to the corresponding wireless router signal, choose to modify the network

3, selecting

4 advanced Settings, click the IP Settings, choose to use static ip

5, manual input ip

summary: the above is about mobile wlan connection is not on the content of the introduction, I hope it can help you, if it is their own network, small make up remind everyone here, should have safety awareness, rub lest be net, money loss happens, it will own WIFI password complicated, had better be letters and Numbers are mixed, and replaced periodically, don't use pure digital password, to disable the DHCP function, DHCP function only within the wireless local area network (LAN) automatically assign IP addresses to each computer, if you enable the DHCP function, you can easily use your network, etc.

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