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Mobile wlan how to use? Wlan mobile phone open method [detailed steps]

2018-01-15 11:42:45

guide language: in the 21st century, science and technology in the unceasing development, the emergence of many new things and new products constantly in our life, now the wireless network coverage area is more and more big, people more and more feel the importance of network connections, use of network connection we can look for information on network, the discovery of more new things new technology is also followed the network connection is familiar, but how to use mobile wlan?Small make up for the big furniture body next to introduce how to use mobile wlan.

when we use cell phones or laptops open WLAN switch, if you can search to the CMCC network signal, we can through the connection to the CMCC network wireless high-speed Internet access, ok, specific how to use mobile WLAN network?Everyone come and look at my experiences.Methods

/ step

1, first of all, we have to use a mobile phone opened the WLAN time service, and then deal with the corresponding package, otherwise will produce a high cost.

2, next, open the cell phone or laptop wireless card function, search nearby CMCC network signal, if can't search signal, then prove your region not covered WLAN signal, CMCC wireless network cannot be used, so it is very important.After

3, search to wireless CMCC signal, as long as the signal strength is enough big, click "Connection ", you can access to the IP address of the corresponding success, but also can not be connected to the Internet.Let's enter a url in browser address bar.

4, login here to use our mobile number login, the premise is the mobile phone number has launched a wireless WLAN business, then use your own set of wireless password, if forget the password, can be obtained via text message channel dynamic password, but can only use for 15 minutes, but it doesn't matter, we can through various channels to retrieve or change the password.

5, after landing successful, successful landing page will be displayed, at the same time also shows account login using your time as well as the use of the package, including wireless flux and the remaining time remaining.

6, warm prompt: the Internet in the process, we have to open the login authentication page don't close to ready to click "Logoff "To disconnect the CMCC to save our money.Although in detecting Internet time is less than our account on the server will automatically disconnect, but still need a period of time after all.Therefore, we suggest that you use with e line client software to log in, so that the wireless network can be disconnected at any time.Opened wlan method


mobile phones and text KTWLAN to 10086, after receiving the reply message, namely launched mobile wlan business success, if your phone support wifi Internet, search the wlan signal can (following specific methods) to the Internet, but according to the per minute charges, general is now 0.05 yuan per minute.The same phone number WLAN cost more than $500 that month, charged according to 500 yuan;WLAN traffic during the month after reaching 40 gb, suspended during the month WLAN business functions.After

2, opening the wlan business, want to save money with wlan access to the Internet, the best opening wlan flat-rate Internet, generally speaking, there are five hours to 2 hours 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan 15 hours 30 hours and 30 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan for 200 hours and 80 hours not limit of $200.And WLAN packet unit time charges, provides four options: 2.5 yuan/hour, 20 yuan/day, 70 yuan/seven days, 200 yuan a month.WLAN campus discount package.40 hours provides three packages: 10 yuan, 20 yuan 100 hours 250 hours, 40 yuan.

3. In addition, can also through the customer service hotline 10086 wlan access to the Internet business.If is the first time using wlan access to the Internet, and free 10 hours of credit.

mobile wlan is refers to the user in a wireless broadband (wlan) hot spot coverage area can enjoy the lowest 1 m, up to 54 m high-speed Internet access.Below small make up the way mobile wlan business opening and use of the method.Is more than

small make up to introduce the relevant information about how to use mobile wlan, finish see this article, I believe you have a certain knowledge of how to use mobile wlan, with the rapid development of economy, the widespread use of mobile phones has become the mainstream in today's world, the mobile phone of wlan how to use it more and more get the attention of the masses of friends, master know how to use mobile wlan, are of great help for us.

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