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Mobile wlan not open how to do? Mobile wlan can not open the solution

2018-02-12 16:43:32

mobile phone has been widely used in People's Daily life, so the use of WiFi is common, now a lot of hotels, restaurants, family, office, all covered with WiFi.And the use of mobile phone WiFi need phone unlock the function of wlan, a lot of people in the use of mobile phones is inseparable from the WiFi, but sometimes there will be a mobile wlan can't open it.So, mobile wlan can't open it?First, small make up some of this kind of circumstance is summarized in the following solutions, for you to understand.

mobile wlan can't open?Introduce a mobile phone

if encountered in actual use, wlan can't open, you can in turn into "Mobile phone set "- →"Wireless and Internet "- →"WLAN Settings "Throughout, click on the phone at the bottom of the &;Menu "Button in the pop-up menu, choose "Senior "And then in "WLAN dormancy strategy "The drop-down menu, select "Never "So as to realize the WLAN is always open, never sleep.Want to know is that if you select the appropriate WIFI sleep policy, can help you get a better mobile experience.

mobile wlan can't open?Introduce two

mobile wlan can't open, in addition to the above Settings on your phone, the solution can be controlled by some relevant software with open WiFi functions to solve.Such as: PP assistant can be a key to solve the wifi can't open, mobile phones connect wireless wifi problems, such as, at the same time can also be permanent free wifi.In addition, also can solve by 360 guard WiFi tool a key mobile wlan can't open, can also free WiFi Internet.

mobile wlan can't open?Introduce three

mobile wlan can't open, can try to switch the phone to "Flight mode "And then switch back again.Turn off your cell phone or restart to solve, under normal circumstances, general small mobile phone can solve this problem.Also, mobile phone wlan can't open it can remove the memory card, try again, many mobile phone wlan can't open, because the result of a damaged memory CARDS.Or the phone data backup, restore factory Settings.Try the above method, in addition, if the wlan still can't open, may be the mobile wireless local-area network (wlan) module is damaged, this is a hardware problem, can consider to send only repair or change the mobile phone.

people awareness of mobile wlan in the above introduction can't open some tips, and won't open mobile wlan can be set up on the phone, or through some software to solve.Thus you can see, in case of mobile phone wlan can open before, suddenly can't open the case, try to restart the phone.However, small make up, said mobile phone wlan can't open, may have a variety of Suggestions in the wlan Settings you can now see, also can search relevant information on the Internet.

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