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Model analysis and comparison of negative pressure sensors

2018-01-08 15:08:13

different life because of contact with industry and the differences of cultural level, there are a lot of things we never contact and understand, believe a lot of people haven't heard negative pressure sensor, even listened to a lot of people haven't seen, don't know what it is, what, what are the unique magic.To satisfy the curiosity of people, this article is to introduce the negative pressure sensors under the mode of equipment parts, to unravel the mysteries of the negative pressure sensor, and see what is the role of, what's the difference between the different types, please take these problems, with small make up to study and discuss together.

cyt - 114 negative pressure sensor performance is reliable, price concessions.Using imported diffusion silicon chips, circuit adopts signal isolation amplifier, cutoff frequency interference design, strong anti-jamming capability, lightning protection options) over voltage protection, current limiting protection, impact resistant, anti-corrosion design, etc.CYT - 114 negative pressure transducer application performance stability is highly evaluated by the manufacturers and customers in

working principle of the negative pressure transmitter

pressure sensor is in single crystal silicon on the diffusion on a wheatstone bridge, voltage resistance effect is bridge wall resistance value changes, produces a differential voltage signal.This signal via special amplifier,

then through voltage current transform will range corresponding to the signal into standard 4 ~ 20 ma / 0 ~ 5 VDC / 0 ~ 10

VDC signal pressure transmitter technology parameter measuring

medium gas, liquid and steam measurement range


kpa ~ 0 ~ 100 mpa

measurement accuracy 0.2 magnitude 0.2 on the Richter scale medium temperature - 40 ~ 85 &


environment temperature - 40 ~ 85 & deg;C

temperature drift ≤0.01% FS / & deg;C

working voltage 12 ~ 36 vdc

output signal 4 ~ 20 madc 0 & hellip;5 VDC 0 & hellip;10 vdc

protection grade IP65

long-term stability ≤0.1 F?S /

200% FS

load capacity overload capacity (current) 250 ~ 1425 ohms (voltage) & ge;2 k ohms diaphragm material

316 s, the process connection 1 cr18ni9ti

electrical connection lead directly Hirschmann plug


aerospace bring power bring about water supply, bring about petroleum chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry bring power units bring bring air conditioning refrigeration unit bring pressure compressor group bring laboratory efficacy bring bring industrial process detection and control of internal combustion engine bring engine bring about hydraulic and pneumatic systems bring constant pressure water supply system in sectors such as liquid gas measurement and control bring about

jbyg type pressure sensor using diffusion silicon pressure core body as sensitive element, the built-in sensors millivolt signal processing circuit is converted into standard voltage, current signal output, can be directly connected to the computer, control, instrumentation, such as display instrument.For long-distance signal transmission.JBYG adopt integration all stainless steel structure, after a lot of stainless steel welding, implements the all solid state design, can use for a long time in the bad environment.Product installation is convenient, has a very high vibration resistance and impact resistance.Widely used in industrial automation equipment supporting and petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, and other areas of the process control.


& radic;

& 316 l stainless steel isolation diaphragm structure radic;High precision, full stainless steel

& radic;Miniature amplifier, voltage, current signal output

& radic;Strong anti-interference, good long-term stability

& radic;Shape structure variety

& radic;Interface thread diversification (all kinds of metric, inch thread)

& radic;

technical performance guarantee: 18 months and

power supply: 12 VDC ~ 36 VDC, typical 24 vdc

output signals: 4 ~ 20 ma, 0 ~ 5 v, 1 ~ 5 v, 0 ~ 10 v, 1 ~ 10 v

range range: 0.1 & hellip;0 ~ 0.02 & hellip;Mpa

compensation temperature: 100-10 ~ 70 medium temperature: 70 ℃ to 40 ~ 125 ℃ ambient temperature:

-40 ~ 85 ℃

shell protection: IP65

pressure type: table pressure, absolute pressure, sealing pressure

precision: 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, optional level

long-term stability: ≤0.2% FS/zero temperature drift:

& plusmn;0.03% FS / ℃

sensitivity temperature drift: & plusmn;0.03% FS / ℃

overload pressure: 200% FS

through in this paper, two types of negative pressure sensor, I believe you know about negative pressure sensor has a certain understanding, although we come into contact with the opportunity of life is not much, but through the study we can improve in the accumulation of experience, has the growth of knowledge in, which is fun to learning, we learn so much knowledge can come in handy when sometime, but really to need before if you can rely on the accumulation of made itself to solve the problem, that is how a sense of accomplishment, not to face the problem when you use knowledge, you will find you a book to the exclamation that should not be too much.

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