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Monitoring equipment installation, monitoring equipment installation steps 【Graphic】

2018-01-11 12:14:49

monitoring we all know that, have seen it, monitoring of usability is very strong, can be placed in various monitoring are needed, of course, unless it is illegal.So, monitoring are made of what?How to install?Small make up will take a look together with you today.

monitoring equipment mainly has two parts, one is the front-end equipment, one is the back end equipment.Front-end equipment including cameras, lenses, listener, shield, alarm, and so on, back end equipment mainly includes centralized control equipment and control equipment.Monitoring equipment is mainly divided into four large, respectively is camera parts, transmission parts, control and display.

so, together we take a look at how to install monitoring equipment.First of all, to prepare monitoring camera, bracket, power supply, monitoring host, monitor with hard disk, video cable, power cable, line pipe and screws, connectors, expansion pipe and other auxiliary materials.Want to make sure of the number of the power cord and cable of the specifications of the quantity.Here say the camera choice, range is larger, the choice of the bolt as factories, the irradiation distance, such as office building, the elevator is more choice hemisphere cameras, namely beautiful, and convenient, can meet the demand.

to install the bolt only need five steps, as long as seriously, according to the steps can be installed.Although not very trouble, but the electric tools, etc. If you want to buy more expensive, so best can borrow installed or looking for a company.

the first step to wear tube, from put host wiring (wiring from the ceiling, best more beautiful) to install monitoring places.

the second step, choose a good location, it is best to monitor to the greatest extent.Punch with electric tools, and then use expansion pipe, screw the bracket.

the third step, put the camera installed on the bracket universal joint, joint.

the fourth step, back-end equipment installation, if the use of video acquisition card, put it into the computer PCI slot, using hard disk to store video to the PC host.If is to use the hard disk video recorder, it is ok to buy a display image.Step 5,

to carry on the finishing touches, mainly is the coaxial cable of the BNC head welding, power supply wiring, wiring fixed, etc., and then can electricity debugging equipment, after electrify, adjust the camera stand, choosing the appropriate monitoring point of view.If did not show the image after the power supply, power will be timely screening problem, problem is line or the camera.

monitoring equipment has been installed, you have learned?Here small make up for everybody introduction today, hope for your help.

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