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Music as Super 1WiFi unstable reasons, music super 1WiFi instability solution

2018-01-15 13:38:28

This year, Letv super phone 1 by appearance appear in front of you, believe that many people have bought the phone.However, there are a lot of users are in apparent super phone 1 reflect wifi instability.So, Letv super phone 1 wifi instability?Today, small make up to share with you a tutorial.Hope to be able to help you.

1. Dial in # # 3646633 # * * # * *, into MTK project mode

2. Enter the engineering model, are all in English, and then swiping the screen to the left, you will see the WLAN and WLAN ctia.

Letv super 1 mobile WiFi instability, close

3 WiFi, then enter the WLAN, there are three hook, hook the first item.Back to step 2 of the menu.

4. To enter the WLAN ctia, check it again, also can have a check, is also the first tick tick.

well, WiFi now stability has been improved.Particularly those well read online video signal also looks all classmates, now the speed is smooth.Effect of self-test.Use a point of praise.

note: step 4 after check the icon in the status bar will have a robot, and the schema theory can slightly improve the electricity.Use machine friends mind this is not to do step 4, but the WiFi signal not machine will check the effect is obvious.

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