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NETGEAR wireless router encryption and security settings

2018-02-09 10:02:33

users sometimes worry that when using a wireless router, there is wireless network card near friend rub a net and reduce their own Internet bandwidth, computer data of itself also produce some unsafe factors.In this to illustrate how to configure your NETGEAR wireless broadband router to wireless networks is encrypted and restrictions.

Test Environment: Wireless LAN: NETGEAR WG511T

Wireless Router: WGR614v6

Computer: IBM R40e Operating System: Windows XP / SP2

In general, there are several wireless security encryption options available to users:

First, the prohibition of SSID broadcast (wireless network name broadcast) Second, the limitations of the wireless network card MAC address Third, WEP encryption Fourth, WPA-PSK encryption


> 1. Security restrictions by prohibiting broadcast of SSID for wireless devices

1.1. View SSID

1.2. Turn off SSID broadcast

MAC Restrictions 2.1. View MAC Address 2.2. Use MAC Address Restriction 3.WEP Encryption 3.1. Configuring Wireless Router WEP

3.2. Connect to WEP using NETGEAR Management Tools 3.3. Connect to WEP using XP's own wireless management tool 4.WPA-PSK Encryption

4.1. Configuring Router WPA-PSK Encryption 4.2. Using NETGEAR Wireless Manager to Connect WPA-PSK 4.3.XP comes with a wireless management tool to connect to WPA- PSK

Security restrictions by disabling broadcast of SSIDs for wireless devices < /p>

<1.1 View SSID

In the WGR614 configuration screen at the top left of the Setup Settings Wireless Settings menu:

Click it to check the current wireless network SSID number, as shown above, SSID number isNETGEAR。Using NETGEAR management tools and using XP built-in wireless management tool in the search when the wireless network can see respectively:

NETGEAR wireless management tools (only suitable for NETGEAR wireless card) :

why can see on the computer?Because our routers use for wireless SSID broadcasting, below, we will close it.

1.2 close the SSID broadcasting

, click on the lower left Advance sports under the Wireless Settings menu:

then & lsquo;The Enable SSID Broadcast’Before the choice of take out, then & lsquo;Apply’.We'll check after

, look at what is looking for wireless network:


NETGEAR wireless using NETGEAR tool management tools then see the SSID is empty, if you double-click it, tool will automatically switch to the tool & lsquo;Settings’Menu, you can manually enter SSID:

WGR614v6 (case), then the connection, will be successful, otherwise, the connection is not successful, take a look at


built-in wireless management tool then click & lsquo;Add (A) & rsquo;And fill in the & lsquo;WGR614v6 & rsquo;(case sensitive), and then press & lsquo;Identify & rsquo;, XP system back to the web search interface:

& lsquo;Refresh the network list & rsquo;, see the SSID as WGR614v6 wireless network, connection of the can.

2. Through the wireless network card MAC limit

MAC address is a network card physical address, both wired and wireless network card has the world's only MAC address.

2.1 check the MAC address of

if using NETGEAR management tool, you can easily see the network card MAC address:

above 00:0 F: B5: A6: C0:41 for this network card MAC address, if it is NETGEAR wireless network card, and also on the back of the card shows the MAC address.

if you use the XP built-in wireless management tools, you need to view under DOS window: point & lsquo;Start & rsquo;& lsquo;Run & rsquo;, type CMD, and then & lsquo;Identify & rsquo;, type the command in the DOS window: ipconfig/all

information can only need to find a wireless network, such as above, the MAC address for & lsquo;Physical Address’(physical address) corresponding: 00:0 F: B5: A6: C0: remember, know the MAC address, copy it down.

2.2 use MAC address limit of

in NETGEAR router management menu in the lower left in Advance sports select & lsquo;Wireless Settings’:

and then select & lsquo;Setup the Access List’Button:

& lsquo;Add’: if the above

& lsquo;The Available Wireless Cards’Display of your wireless network card information, can directly choose to the left of the small dot is selected, then point Add, otherwise you will need to & lsquo;Device Name’And fill in the computer identification in the MAC Address and wireless network card MAC Address:

and press & lsquo;Add’Interface to return to the higher level menu, and then will Turn the Access Control On choice, then press & lsquo;Apply’After, then can only be recorded in the list of wireless computer can connect to the wireless router.


3.1 configure WEP encryption in wireless router WEP

WGR614v6 Setup menu, select & lsquo;Wireless Settings’: choose

& lsquo;WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) & rsquo;Example:

input string in the Passphrase entered & rsquo;Abcdefg’And then press the generate button, the system will generate four WEP keys, Ke1/2/3/4 respectively.

if you are using NETGEAR wireless management tool, it is ok that you need to remember abcdefg, if use XP bringing wireless management tools, you need to record Key1 (usually use Key1, Key2/3/4, of course, also can be used).

3.2 using NETGEAR management tool connection WEP

when, after the completion of WEP set using NETGEAR wireless management tools to view the available network:

see the red part, display WEP encryption intensity was 83%, double-clicking on the wireless network, NETGEAR tool will automatically jump to & lsquo;Settings’Option allows you to input WEP information:

can & lsquo;Passphrase’The input for the WEP when installed in the router is just information: abcdefg, then according to the application, or in & lsquo;The Enter Key Manually’The input copy down in the back of the Key1 Key1 can also, and then press & lsquo;Apply’Can.

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