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Netgear wireless router setting method, simple and practical

2018-05-18 17:13:42

4.2.2. Click "Logout" to close the management window.

4.3. Configuration of Internet access using dynamic IP address

• If you use the computer directly to access the Internet, you do not need to provide a user name and password, and do not need to set the IP address, mask, Gateway and other information, then you belong to this access method, the basic Internet settings are very simple, as follows:

4.3.1. After successfully logging in to the "Basic Settings" page of the WGR614v6 management interface, Without any changes, keep the default settings and click "OK" directly.

4.3.2. However, if you can learn the DNS information from your local ISP (service provider), select "Use the following DNS server" in "Domain Name Server (DNS) Address" , and then fill in two DNS server IP addresses, such as: and, other configuration to retain the default settings, and then click "Apply". This option does not have to be filled in, but it must be completed.

4.3.3. After the update, the wireless light is on and the wireless power is off.

4.3.4. Click "Logout" to exit and close the management window.

The fifth step notebook comes with wireless network card connection settings

5.1. After completing the basic configuration, if you want to wirelessly access the Internet, you must follow the "local connection" setting at the beginning of this article. Set up your computer's "wireless network connection." Then right-click "Wireless Network Connection" and select "View Available Wireless Connections":

『Special reminder』If your computer has 802.11b/g wireless network connection function, but can not find the wireless network, please contact your computer supplier in the following phenomena After-sales service department contact:

• Right-click on “My Network Places” and select “Properties”. Only “Local Area Connection” or other connections are available in the network connection type, but there is no “Wireless Network Connection”

< p>• There is “Wireless Network Connection”, but right-click “Wireless Network Connection” and select “Properties”. The tabs are “General” and “Advanced”. There is no “Wireless Network Configuration” even if you have used it normally in other places. Wireless

5.2. Click "Refresh Network List" on the upper left, the system will list the searched wireless network on the right, select the wireless network you want to access, and click "Connect" at the bottom right. Can:

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