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Network cable is not plugged in reason and solution [graphic tutorial]

2018-01-12 11:02:55

local connection relationship to the interconnection of local area network (LAN) and the machine is connected to the Internet.If the local connection problems, so, local area network (LAN) and the Internet will not be able to normal access.So, here small make up to introduce to you a network cable without a good reason and solution.

there are various local connection problems, one of them is, the prompt "Throughout the network cable without a good &;, and you are likely to encounter this kind of situation, after boot, local connection or normal connection, sometimes appeared "Throughout the network cable without a good &;, in short, a moment connections, and connection, always there will be intermittent network connection state, make the network is not normal.

from the problems of the literal understanding, mostly due to network physical connection out of the question.

network cable without a good one: the problem of crystal head

if crystal head out of the question, it may lead to access to the main board of crystal head poor contact, loose, and so on and so forth.

can crystal head dial down first, and then how to go up to, note that attach to click a sound can be heard when Andrew stability.If Andrew stability, the problem is still, so, estimation is crystal head there is something wrong with the line, this time, you'll have to make a new crystal head.

of course, the problem may not be completely out of the motherboard this place in the crystal head, that may have appeared in the access switches or access router that place, you have to use the same method for troubleshooting.

network cable without a good two: the network card drivers don't think that only 7.89452154739

trillion quintillion hardware has a problem, software drivers will also has a problem.

you can screen is driven by the following method.

right-click my computer and find "Management "The pop-up dialog.

in the dialog, find "The device manager "And then look at the right hand list, select "Throughout the network adapter &;To see if its icon on the yellow question mark.

if it is, that driver has not been installed correctly, this time, you have to reinstall the network card driver, can solve the problem.

network cable without a good three: router problem

router problem, if it is soft, so, would you please check the router is set up in the use of an IP, reset, then restart the router.And

the router with a small hole, you use wire or fine, insert them constantly, routing will reset and start, or can solve the problem.

of course, if the route itself is a hardware problem, you have to change the routing, because, according to some netizens reflect router after being struck by lightning, local connection appear "Throughout the network cable without a good &;The prompt.

network cable without a good four: wireless network question

if your network using the wireless network, so, the problem is likely to be out on the router.

reason might be routing itself if there is a failure, at the same time, if there is a near interference, and so on and so forth.

network cable without a good five: don't forget the ARP virus

if there are any computer in the ARP virus, so, also can appear such circumstance.

you can use the antivirus software detected virus the machine a try, see if I can eliminate the problem.


open the arp firewall, make its provide your network firewall function, protect your network.

network cable without a good six: IP Settings or obtain

the machine set up IP originally, but the local connection and can't use the IP, will is in a state of access to the network address for a long time, is likely to tip will appear in this paper.

on this, you must first ensure that the IP Settings are correct, in addition, you can also disable local connection first, and then enable, may can solve such problems.Is more than

small make up to introduce the network cable without a good reason and the solution, hope to be able to help you.More about network cable without a good information, please continue to pay attention.

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