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Network set-top box how wireless connection

2018-01-19 17:34:06

people more and more high to the requirement of network these days, also with the wireless network is becoming more and more mature in technology, the network flexibility, good scalability, gradually applied to all kinds of complicated network environment.So do you know how to wireless network set-top box?Is below small make up of some related information about network set-top box wireless connections, for your reference.

network set-top box wireless connection methods:

first to see what kind of remote control, with the up and down or so, there is a return, OK this several key is relatively commonly used.Before the operation to connect set-top box TV good oh!

mobile with the remote control to set the location of the click "OK" after

set into the interface, in turn, click on the "network Settings", "network Settings".Because there is WIFI password click here to enter.If there is no password only need to choose automatically.Click on the "WIFI link" after the


in choosing a mode of connection can choose to automatically or static address 】 【 】.

sample to automatically on and the phone connection of several wireless router will be prompted to click on the link enter the password can be normal.

static address needs to know the wireless router network segment, gateway, and DNS and so on.But at the time of normal connection there will be to enter the password prompt.

note: due to the connection time without pictures so behind, there is no shows.

the connection is successful later remember to look at the test network impassability.If you are then you can see the network of the film.

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