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Network surveillance camera brand introduction 【Graphic】

2018-01-11 14:12:44

social security situation is more and more serious now, we see now have installed a surveillance camera, the community provides a security for our village.But now in the market of network monitor head very much, and the price difference is very big also.So we'll choose surveillance cameras, must choose a good sharpness, and relatively reasonable price products at the same time, this is what we need.But many consumers friend because do not often go shopping, so for now do not know much about the performance of surveillance cameras, so small make up a few simple introduction will give everybody next network surveillance camera products.

the first small make up recommend you in the first paragraph is produced by WoShiDa company network monitoring camera products.The camera image quality is clear, it can achieve amazing millions of pixels.At the same time the camera at night can also clearly see any trouble.This is related to his infrared lamp.The current camera using the most advanced fifth-generation cameras on the market product, luminous uniform, at the same time is not easy to deformation.At the same time in order to avoid the problem of short circuit lines of flooding on rainy days, so in line interface special waterproof processing, then the camera also can realize work normally even on a rainy day.The WoShiDa camera currently on the market price of about 150 yuan.

in the second paragraph of small make up recommend everyone is produced by baidu inc., the eyes and ears of the network camera products.This product USES unique wide-angle lens, also supports up to 8 x digital zoom the picture and it is quite clear, can provide 720 p hd perfect experience, at the same time, this product at night can also realize infrared night vision function, and in the interior of the camera head embedded a infrared light-sensitive chips, even in the evening, he is in the eye of the camera and the days are no different.And at the same time, the camera and baidu cloud cooperation, can provide us with more for a long time to record the function of the camera, he was up to 30 days of live video, and can be edited our video, share with family and friends more wonderful moments of life, and the camera with built-in an intelligent alarm system, if found to have the thief into our home, he will automatically alarm by mobile phones, let's get back home to recover.

there is a small make up recommend everyone in the third paragraph of fluorite company production of sea Kang Siwei network cameras.The camera close to the modern people's way of life it can be installed through the phone app can automatic remote control was carried out on the camera, in fact, we work in the outside, then can real time understand the family situation, at the same time the network cameras its volume is small and exquisite, so that we can meet any demand.And in the camera and a small magnet on the back of the device, so that we can put it in addition to put on the desk, also it can be adsorbed on our computer or refrigerator, at the same time, the resolution of the camera, it is extremely high, it is more than the current, average of 720 p on the market for high resolution.Let's family perspective becomes more broad.This network of surveillance cameras which the market price of about 280 yuan.Is more than

small make up of the on sale on the market of a few major network surveillance camera products, science and technology park has now more and more deep, our lives, and as a major home protection, network cameras are playing a more and more important role, if you still worry for home safety, so might as well go and buy a network camera, even traveling or work, then also can real-time monitoring the dynamic in the home.Let us comfortable safe and rest assured.

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