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No computer at home can be installed wifi, wifi and broadband introduction [Detailed]

2018-01-11 11:41:18

for a long time, most people know and wifi is one of the computer, that is, government by computer has wifi, and no computer, no wifi.So people are always asking that can hold wifi doesn't have a computer at home?Here, you need to explain what the wifi, wifi have called wireless network, is equivalent to a simple signals, some wireless devices only need to pass the signal receiver can surf the Internet wifi reception, so the wifi and computer is not a matter, the following will give you answer this question that can hold wifi doesn't have a computer at home?

containers that can hold wifi doesn't have a computer at home?

don't have a computer at home can be install wifi.First of all, you have to go to computer city to buy a wireless router, general now buy 150 m is not expensive, normal to one hundred.Buy after you come back, the router in the instruction manual will tell you how to install, first is wiring, as shown, if your family is dial-up Internet, then according to the connection of ADSL broadband access connections: phone line ——Voice separator ——Modem (cat) ——The router interface (WAN) ——(the router LAN interface) host computer;If your home is a direct line of household, the cable directly to the receiving router interface (WAN) ——The router LAN interface mainframe computers.After

good connection, plug in the power of the router, check the indicator light, the router running under normal circumstances, the power indicator light (PWRS) normally on, indicator system (SYS) flashing, WAN port and normally on LAN port or flashing.And then the Windows 7 computer Settings methods: click "Start —Control panel - network and Internet network and sharing center - change adapter Settings - local connection "Right click "Local connection "Select properties.Double-click "Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPV4) ", both choose to automatically, and then click ok, XP computer setting methods: right click "Network neighborhood "Select "Properties throughout the &;, right-click the "Local connection "Select "Properties throughout the &;Double-click "Internet protocol (TCP/IP) ", both choose to automatically, and then click ok.

no broadband can install wifi?

wi-fi is a kind of personal computers, handheld devices can be (such as PDA, mobile phone) terminal wirelessly connected to each other.Wi-fi is a wireless network communication technology of the brand, held by the wi-fi alliance.The purpose is to improve based on interoperability between standards of wireless network products.Now the average person will confuse wi-fi.Even equate wi-fi with wireless Internet.So, to install WIFI with have no direct relation, of course, there are computer can also be a reception terminal.But don't have a computer, like other tablet, cell phone still can connect to the WIFI Internet information.There is a cat, if you have broadband access, the launch of the router and add a support WIFI (known as wireless router), you can use the WIFI.

another myth is that most people are confused the definition of broadband and wifi, actually both direct and there is no direct contact, without broadband, we can open the wifi, but it will not be able to make our wireless Internet access.We in the use of wifi at ordinary times, often find wifi with an item, is this time is likely to be broadband dropped, we need to regain the router site, reset, in a nutshell, wifi and broadband is not a body.

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