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Notebook can be used as a wireless router, laptop turned wireless router method [explain]

2018-01-16 09:31:26


laptop when wireless router?The router is the main node of the Internet equipment.As connected to each other between different network hub, the router system constitutes the international Internet network based on TCP/IP Internet main body, also can say that the router constitute the skeleton of the Internet.Next, this article explain for everybody Let your laptop into a wireless router.

provides two methods below, a laptop computer can both methods, but a mobile phone can only use method.The two methods used on Windows 7 is very smooth, but xp will appear all sorts of problems.Method one:

recommended Windows 7 using software method.I use this software, 2 Windows 7 computer can use, but a Windows 7 a XP will not smooth, the chance of success is small, but I haven't tried 2 sets XP.

1, download a connectify 【 what I use is connectify3.2, installing it will call you after upgrading to 3.4, but don't upgrade, I tried, no."Installed after powered up for it with the computer, don't have to set up, but the software interface is in English, to be patient.

2, installed, "reboot" restart, you can use this software!

3, reference this setting.

let your laptop into a wireless router's method on

4, so it can be used to search for and connect.Method 2:

set act

the wireless is not temporary sharing.But for Windows 7 computer into a wireless router, mobile phone can also use the wireless network, and Windows 7 wireless AD hoc networks is a mobile phone is not to search.Of course, if your computer is not wireless hardware, cannot use.

1, first of all, press the menu button + R key, open the run, type CMD.

2, then input the netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = wuminPC key = wuminWiFi

(1) mode of virtual wireless card is enabled.Change the mode to disallow is the wireless virtual network adapter.

(2) the ssid: wireless network name, it is best to use English, I called to QWpc here.

(3) key: wireless network password, as if to more than eight characters, will use a combination of letters and Numbers!I am xlxl1993 here.How to.Here is the ssid and just needs to be changed at the back of the key characters.What do you want to set how to set up, as long as the system allows.

4, then click open network and sharing center, networking here find change adapter Settings.Can be found on the inside we have just set up virtual wireless card, for convenient behind I will name changed to virtual WIFI.If you don't know the wireless network is just set up virtual wireless card, you can see the following line, Microsoft virtual WIFI…This row, you know.

5, then in broadband connection Settings, right click, properties - sharing, and then the inside of the "Allowing other network users through the computer connected to the Internet connection "On the hook in play, and then the following "Home network connection select "Just set up virtual wireless networks (virtual WIFI) this.And then click ok, and after

6, establishing will display in the back "Shared.Throughout the &;A few words.

7, open virtual wireless network card.After the broadband connection, then run the command prompt to run: netsh wlan commands start hostednetwork.Only need to shut down will start to stop inside can be shut down the wireless networks.If you need to track the status of wireless, input according to the wireless network information command: netsh wlan commands show hostednetwork.Virtual the launch of the WLAN is 802.11 g wireless AP, bandwidth of 54 MBPS.

8, if there are any problems, please update your network card driver.

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