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Notebook how to set wifi hotspots, open wifi hotspot impact on the computer?

2018-01-12 11:23:41

with the development of science and technology, mobile phone become indispensable for our daily life.But can't afford to use a mobile phone flow completely consumed every day, thus increasing the load of the use of mobile phones, wi-fi at this time as the Gospel to save everyone.But there is no wifi occasions what, like university dormitory no wifi is miserable.Actually hand laptop can also open wi-fi hotspots, let below small make up take you to see notebook

laptop how to set the wifi hotspot how to set the wifi hotspot

method one: 1, the first thing you should have can use wireless network card, and then press key combination open win + R.

2, the next will be a box, within the box type CMD and click ok.

3, input key values on the command prompt here key value must be more than eight characters, the enter key will jump out of a wifi hotspot.

4, in the center of the computer at the bottom right corner to open the network sharing, click change adapter Settings, and there will be a network link.

5, followed by local connection, click properties, switch to the Shared mode, select 2 wireless connection.

6, in the command prompt enter just the same key value, you can open a hot carriage return.

method 2:1, open the control panel of the Internet network, network sharing center.

2, and then select the upper left corner of the wireless network, select add wear a temporary network after go in.

3, the next step is to enter the network name, had better use a combination of Numbers and letters and then set the security keys to ten digits.

4, in the lower left corner to choose save the network, the newly built after shut down.

5, back to the management of just now there is a change in the wireless network adapter Settings, select properties share.

6, the next step is the last one, set up a wireless network connection, also remember to allow other network box, click ok, and will be complete wireless wifi hotspot to open.Finally out his phone and try to see if can use it well.

out of wi-fi hot spots have an impact on the computer?

I'm sure the problem is we are very concerned about, so small make up for a circle, open wifi has no effect on the computer is, but as an additional procedures so more or less will account for some of the memory, CPU will also increase the battery power consumption, and for speed also have certain effect, no harm to the computer itself.

doing. 1 system notebook how to set up WIFI hotspots today,

Windows8.1 operating system has been listed, notebook with wireless network card, when the computer is connected to the case, you can set the WIFI hotspot on WIN8.1 operating system, makes the other mobile electronic devices, such as mobile phone, tablet, etc can be convenient to use the wireless hot spot;If WIN8.1 wireless network card can also be mounted on the desktop, below is the detailed Settings.Methods

/ step

1 first open the laptop, select "Computer "Or "My computer ", right click to enter "Management "Option ".

2 open "Computer management "Window, found in the left side menu options "Services and applications "Under "Service "Options, as shown in figure out "Service "List.

3 then found in the bottom of service list "WLAN AutoConfig"Service and "WWAN AutoConfig"Service and start these two services.

4 service has been open, configure wireless hotspot now.Move the mouse to the lower left corner right-click to choose "Command prompt (administrator) "And in

5 "Command prompt (administrator) "Window, enter the command line: netsh wlan commands show drive, check whether the support bearing network, open only in the above "WLAN AutoConfig"And "WWAN AutoConfig"After two service, will support carrying network, wireless hotspot won't be able to successfully set up.

6, then input the command line: netsh wlan commands set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = 123 key = 88888888

here "Ssid = "Enter the name of the Wifi hot spot behind

"Key = "Behind enter wireless hotspot password, must be at least eight

displays as shown in the results, showed that configuration is correct.

7 finally, input the command line: netsh wlan commands start hostednetwork

as shown "Already started carrying network "As the wireless hotspot set up successfully.

8 now, open "The control panel "To enter "The network and Internet—>The network connection "And began to configure the local network.As shown, complete sharing local Ethernet network.So, the wireless hotspot is configured in the end.

9 in the end, can use mobile phone, tablet and other wireless electronic products give it a try.This configuration hot name is 123, the password is 88888888.

about the content of the electric notebook how to set the wifi hotspot will be here today, you have no harvest, is to solve the plight of the college students' dormitory without wifi, open wifi has no effect on computer also oh, you can be at ease use?

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