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Notebook wireless hotspot how to set [graphic]

2018-01-11 16:03:28

along with the advance of science and technology, high-speed development of Internet and communication technology is more and more developed, the computer phones, wireless hotspot gradually appear in people's lives, wireless hotspot now can be seen everywhere, no matter in the company, or in the home, you have a wireless hot spot.But everyone know laptop computers can make wireless hotspot?This cell phone can also flow of hot spot and save by connecting to a computer, everyone feel special want to know how to set up, today small make up take you to take a look at how to use Windows 7 laptop for wireless hotspot

wi-fi hotspots Windows 7 computer, which can be completely to mobile phones, wireless local area network set up by using the Windows 7 laptop to share Internet access, can share Internet LAN game.Open the Windows 7 hidden functions: virtual WiFi and SoftAP (namely virtual wireless AP), can let the computer into a wireless router, Shared Internet access, save purchase fee Internet fee and router.Acer, HP laptop and nokia N97mini close by.In the operating system to Windows 7 laptop or desktop as host equipped with wireless card.Host Settings are as follows:

1, as an administrator to run the command prompt: open the run - type CMD - press enter or shortcuts win + R→Input cmd→Enter

2, enabled and set up virtual WiFi card: run the command: netsh wlan commands set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = 54 dashipckey = 123454 dashi (copy the above command paste) there are three parameters, the command mode: whether to enable virtual WiFi network card, to disallow is disabled.Ssid: wireless network name, had better use English for 54 dashipc (for example).Key: wireless network password, more than eight characters (in 123454 dashi, for example).The above three parameters can be used alone, for example, only use the mode = disallow can disable the virtual Wifi card directly.After the success of the open, the network connection will be more out a card for "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter"The wireless connection of 2, for convenience, rename it to virtual WiFi.If no, need to update the wireless network card driver with respect to OK.

3, set up the Internet connection sharing: in "The network connection "Window, right-click on the connected to the Internet network connection, select "Properties throughout the &;→"Sharing ", hook "Allow other ······Connected (N) "And select "Virtual WiFi".Was determined, the Shared network card icon will appear "Shared throughout the &;Words, said "Broadband connection "Has Shared to "Virtual WiFi".

4, open wireless network: continue to run in the command prompt: netsh wlan commands start hostednetwork (will start to stop can shut down the wireless networks, after startup to enable the wireless networks need to run this command again) at this point, virtual WiFi red fork fork disappear, has a good WiFi base station, the host set.Laptop, mobile phone DengZi machine with WiFi module search to the wireless network name dashipc 54, 123454 dashi, enter the password can be Shared on the Internet!Attachment: according to the wireless network information command: netsh wlan commands show hostednetwork virtual the launch of the wlan is 802.11 g wireless AP, bandwidth is 54 MBPS.

everyone hurriedly by running the command prompt as an administrator, enabled and set up a virtual WiFi card, set up the Internet connection sharing, open wireless network this a few steps to open your laptop hotspot.Still worrying about your traffic, worried about high street charges?Come and have a try, easy access to the Internet, don't have to worry about traffic not enough use, play games, watch blockbusters, follow one's inclinations.Small make up today to bring us the Windows 7 system, how to use a notebook to do wireless hotspot you learned?

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