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Notebook wireless network how to create [method steps]

2018-01-15 14:52:52

router is one of the important assistant network transaction in our daily life, the most important function of it is on the basis of the cable broadband set up a wireless network, let the other electronic equipment can in the case of wireless connect wireless network, with the continuous development of network and improvement of WiFi has become the qualifications of many places, especially in some, such as food and beverage service, KTV, hotels and other places of services.

laptops as an important product in modern society, brought great convenience for many people.When in broadband and laptop cases, we want to have a own WiFi, but without the router or router is broken, unable to establish a WiFi network through a router, then what should you do?Believe that there are a lot of people don't know, laptop can also become a router, via laptop can also create a new WiFi network.So the laptop into the router and how to operate?In

before the laptop into the operation of the router, we need to know the operating prerequisites: wireless network card.If you want to make a laptop into a router to create a new WiFi network, the laptop must be installed a wireless network card, otherwise the laptop can't form a WiFi network.Meet the conditions, notebook create WiFi network way, generally there are two, one is running WiFi software, another is to use the command prompt to create operation.

1. The command prompt to create

command prompt to create a wireless network has a professional operation steps, also a little more complicated, first of all, we want to open a command prompt, step is to click on the start menu bar, in the search bar "Cmd", click on search to the CMD command prompt after open, and type the command in the command prompt window: "Netsh wlan commands set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = Test key = 0123456789 "So that the computer system will automatically create a virtual WiFi wireless network.Next we open the network sharing center, right-click on the local connection options, select properties, will pop up a dialog box, at this time we choose sharing TAB, and then select the first option, at the same time in the column of home wireless network select the newly created wireless network name.Once again, open a command prompt, enter "Netsh wlan commands start hostednetwork"And press enter, wireless network has been set up.

2. WiFi software set

compared to the operating mode WiFi software to create a wireless network will be more convenient, common WiFi 360 free WiFi, golden hill software free WiFi, etc., we only need to download the software, and then run, in the setup interface modifying WiFi wireless network name and password, this completes the creation of a wireless network.Therefore, WiFi software to create a wireless network is more convenient and quick.More than

laptop is used for wireless networks to create two methods, choose what kind of method still need according to oneself circumstance judgment.Generally recommended to use the second method, it is more convenient, won't make any mistakes.

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