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One computer network can not connect how to do

2018-01-11 15:44:16

integrated computer network unable to connect, check the network connection is connected;Check whether the network device driver is installed correctly;Check whether the network parameters is set up correctly;Finally, please confirm your service IS P has not expired.One-piece computer is

will host, a display, keyboard mouse together even the new form of the computer.The innovation of this product is the high integration of the internal components.Some vendors call it All In One, AIO computers or computer screen.

desktop background one-piece computer and

an organic whole, creatively as early as 1998 apple unveiled its first one-piece computer: the iMac G3.SONY, the shenzhou and other manufacturers have introduced a all-in-one product.But due to many reasons such as technology, cost, the progressive form of computer is not in the market to creat a new world of their own.With

CES exhibition held in 2009, lenovo, asus, HP, and other manufacturers have introduced a new one-piece computer founder, this means that the one-piece computer after years of precipitation and brewing, the whole in 2009, all-in-one desktop tide of era has come.Plus hot one-piece computer on the market sell dell XPS One, HP TouchSmart, founder, such as heart amidst T300-5402 now one-piece computer has to become more proficient in concept into reality.One-piece computer advantage:

1, a powerful: accept the mainstream desktop PC.

2, the province space: volume is the size of liquid crystal display.

3, energy conservation and environmental protection: accept the motherboard low power consumption and disposal of punishment is to supply customers with high quality environmental protection and energy saving PC products.

4, no noise: accept predecessors of the heat pipe radiator technology progress, make the system more calm, more the same.

5, multiple power supply cover: accept the high grade PC power supply, let customers at ease use.

6, handle hanging: equipped with international standard uesa hole, hanging.

7, which can handle the touch: supporting installation of ordinary and industrial-grade touch screen, satiety special request!

8, strong expansibility: in addition to supply common PC interface, but also as a special category of customer, supply special function.

9, the complete specifications: 19 supply ", 22 ", 32 ", 42 ", 52 ", 62 ", 63 "The full range of LCD LCD TV, LCD TV and PC all in one product!And accept auo, LPL, sharp, samsung high-grade liquid crystal screen!

10, set up complete: can handle almost all high performance CPU and large capacity hard disk on the market.

11, self-reliance preset motherboard: supply according to user needs the ability of agile customization.

12, careful experiment corpora, invariance and compatibility is very strong!

13, unique built-in enclosed power: radiation protection, prevent to get an electric shock, prevent leakage, ensure safe use of user.

14, the use of embedded presupposition, signal device, floppy drive and cd-rom built-in console, complete machine screen, the user does not have to worry about the risk of the virus. Storage security and data storage on the server side, prevent data theft.

15, built-in closed power supply, power don't have to worry about any abrupt environment, etc. And can cut hardware theft danger, effectively reduce the risk of hardware maintenance.

16, healthy environmental protection product series of 19 inch - 63 inch new au grade a + liquid crystal screen, low electromagnetic radiation.

17, small size, about a third of the smallest PC;To move energy saving space, easy to move, but "Adjust measures to local conditions ", "Follow one's inclinations ".

18, low noise Mute the perfect experience for users.

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