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Phone wifi connection but can not get online how to do

2018-01-15 13:53:11

mobile wifi connection but can't get to the Internet to do

maybe used smartphone wifi Internet connection had similar experience: enter the right wifi password, mobile phone also prompted to connect the wifi, but network or not.Cause such a problem is more, below about how to analysis and ruled out one by one.

check router set

as a first step: open the connection of the current wireless router computer browser, in the address bar enter (part of the router, check the labels can be obtained at the bottom of the router), the web login to the router configuration interface, the user name and password by default it is the second step: admin

under the network Settings of the router, first find the router's WAN port Settings.Properly set here "Type "Is the key to the problem.Type is usually used two: PPPoE and DHCP.The choice according to their own situation.If domestic ADSL dial-up Internet access, it is choose PPPoE;If it is a residential area broadband or hotel have the network interface can be used directly, such as the choice of the DHCP

step 3: if the DHCP is, don't have in other Settings, the router will automatically obtain the corresponding network Settings.Select PPPoE, you need to fill in the correct user name and password, this is provided by network service providers, such as China telecom, forget password can turn 10000 artificial consulting 10000 step 4: next to check the router LAN port Settings.The set of different brand is also the same, the most important is to open the DHCP function, so as to ensure the equipment connected to the LAN port or connect the wifi router IP address for its distribution, the IP address of the DHCP delimit distribution scope and router's IP address in the same network segment, such as 192.168.1. X

step 5: finally, check the router's security Settings.See whether open the limit MAC or IP address to connect some of the security policy, or the corresponding strategy of speed, so just shut off, or only specific MAC or IP address of the device can be connected to the

check phone set

as a first step: open the phone Settings, select "Wi - Fi", then, to see the current has the wifi connection, click the small arrow most the right side of the blue circle

the second step: click "Ignore this network ".Then, mobile wifi connection will be disconnected, so, again, click on the connect the source when the mobile phone will not automatically connected, but to enter connect wifi password again, that is to say, the phone will be to identify the network at a time, so it can achieve the result of empty original network configuration

the third step: if you want to empty the more complete it, you can, in turn, open the Settings - general - reduction, select "Reducing network Settings ".This device will restart, after the restart, previous can't save all the network connection, but is identified as a new network, need to input the wifi password to connect related:

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