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Pole routing dns and related expansion signal wall setting tutorial

2018-05-17 10:17:58

Pole routing may also be considered a new brand. His position in the router industry seems to be in the same position as the Meizu mobile phone in the mobile phone line. Extreme routing has won some router hobbies in the market with its low price and personalized appearance. The favor of the people, because this brand has a metal housing design, and some special features, such as through the wall, and signal enhancement features, today the site jmqy.com Xiaobian for everyone to do a simple introduction DNS Router settings, I hope to be helpful to everyone in the use of polar routing routers to set the DNS address is different, the above describes in detail the "millet router DNS how to set up millet routing dns tutorial 』, Here we take a look at the polar routing dns how to set. Through the following, we can understand that the route setup of the polar route DNS is easier than the route of Xiaomi. A simple 2-step setup can be completed. The following are the specific steps.

1. Log in to the remote routing management interface, and then click [Outside Network Settings] in the lower left corner, as shown in the figure below.

Second, then according to the Internet way to choose "broadband dial" or "ldquo; network cable access", the general family broadband is mostly broadband dial, and then Select the [Custom DNS] setting at the bottom, and then enter the required DNS address in the DNS address input box. Click [Save] below to complete the setting.

The above demonstration is: Set the Baidu DNS address and 114DNS to the router, the operation is very simple. At present, there are many public DNS addresses, such as Baidu DNS, Ali DNS, 114DNS, and Google Global DNS ( You can set the router's DNS address according to your needs.

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