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Prompt "limited access" when connecting to wireless network?

2018-01-19 12:36:53


computer through wireless connection signal, the lower right corner with a yellow exclamation point, according to limited access, encountered such a problem?First we try the easiest way to solve, such as: restart the router, restart the computer solution:

1. Check whether the wireless network parameters are set (or get) is right

the IP address of the computer wireless network card configuration (or automatically obtain) is not correct.If you use other terminals in the environment can automatically obtain the IP address, please try to set the computer to automatically obtain (how to set computer IP address to automatically obtain).

if the computer is to obtain an IP address automatically, but access to the IP address of the 169.254 7.0.x.x, please give the corresponding computer "Wireless Internet connection "Disable and then enable.The diagram below:

note: if the router is in the DHCP server "Is not enabled "State (i.e., all terminals need to manually configure IP can surf the Internet), please make sure to computer configuration of IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS parameters are correct.

if not automatically obtain IP address, then configure a static IP for computer, the static IP must be in the same network segment and the DNS and gateway to, such as:

2 check the router set

[1] to ensure the success of the router connected to the Internet with

if connected to the router, all the terminal can't get to the Internet, please check whether the router is connected to the success.There are many means

router connected to the Internet, such as: WAN a broadband connection, LAN/WAN port with other routers cascade, WDS bridge other routers, etc., either way, please make sure that the router Settings right and networking success.

[2] to check the router's Internet access control

router set up access control (parental control/set time online), and other functions will limit the terminal network access.Solution:

closed online time setting function.Set the method is as follows:

login router management interface, click "Equipment management ", under the connected device click "Management ".As shown in the figure below:

will "Set time online "Inside has added entry deleted, as shown in the figure below:

to complete the operation, can try to open the web test on the Internet.

note: traditional interface of the router you will need to close the parental control/Internet access control functions that would curtail the powers of the Internet.

[3] the problem of encryption algorithm

routing in the wireless set security Settings, it is ok to change the encryption algorithm to tpik

wireless security encryption algorithm is the default setting is automatically, tpik compatibility would be better, but security may reduce, this method does not apply to all user

3. Remove the configuration file to reconnect signal other end of the

contrast test using the environment, if the other terminal connection is normal, only individual access terminal display co., LTD., suggest to delete the computer to save the configuration file to reconnect (recommended reading: how to remove the wireless Internet connection (wifi) signal).If all the terminal display

limited access or no Internet access, suggest reset the router to reset.

4. The compatibility issue

wireless icon, click on the lower right corner in the wireless network we connect on the right mouse button to choose [properties]

we will see the type of security, encryption type, network security key options, we click the "advanced Settings" below

and then to enter that "For this network to enable federal information processing standards compliant "Check, and then click on the following to determine, and then see if the normal


security software problem at this point your wireless connection disconnected, and then open network and sharing center - management wireless network adapter properties, in "Wireless network connection properties "In "The link with the following project "In all the project in all with 360 or cheetah wifi off, and then disable wireless connections to re-enable can be normal!

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