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Proxy server ip address how to set up use 【Graphic】

2018-01-15 14:19:33

why do we have to use a proxy server, proxy server has what function.If you want to hide your IP address, don't let others discovered, then what to do, use the proxy server IP address.If your IP address to access restricted to do, use the proxy server IP address.

now have a lot of free online proxy server IP address, directly in the baidu search will appear a lot of, but generally free proxy server access speed is slow, others can't use, you can choose the proxy server IP address, in order to try and see which access is faster.

a, IE browser Settings the proxy server IP address, open the IE browser,

1 in the upper right corner to find "Tools "Icon, click open, select "Internet options "To open.In

2, in the pop-up window, select "Connection "TAB, click on the following "LAN Settings "Button.In

3, in the pop-up window, check "Use a proxy server for your LAN (these Settings to dial-up or VPN connections) "And then enter proxy server address and port number.

4, set up, close all Windows, in the browser open the baidu, input "IP", check the display of the IP is consistent with their own set, if is consistent, then set a success.

second, 360 set the proxy server IP address,

1, 360 browser, open the browser in the upper right choice "Tools "Options.

2, in the drop-down list, select "The proxy server ", "The proxy server Settings ".

3, in the pop-up "The proxy server Settings "Window, enter the proxy server IP address, you can enter multiple proxy server IP addresses, separated by newlines, click "Identify "Button, and complete.


1 firefox browser Settings proxy server IP address, open the firefox browser, click on the top-right corner of the browser "The menu icon ", select "Option ".In

2, in the open window, on the left to choose "Senior "Options, and then select "Network "TAB.

3, in "Network "Under the TAB, select "Set up "Button.

4, pop-up "Connection Settings "Window, select "Manual configuration agent ", enter the proxy IP and port number.In

5, baidu input "Ip"Success, check whether the Settings.Four, attention to use a proxy server


on the Internet to find the proxy server IP address, try to choose of, the popup window is less online, also won't carry virus.

2, proxy servers, use very aspect, but also can be set up, during a visit to which pages use a server, during a visit to which pages shall not apply to the proxy server.

3, if use a proxy server, network speed slow is likely to happen, this is normal phenomenon.If special slow speeds, you can replace a proxy server IP address.

4, if you don't use a proxy server, put it off in time, with its own IP address.

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