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QoS how to set up, millet router QoS intelligent speed limiting function set tutorial illustration

2018-03-02 14:17:34

qos is a kind of intelligent broadband distribution function, the speed limit can help users automatically for each equipment, let the user more reasonable distribution of network resources.Most mainstream routers are currently supported Qos intelligent speed limit.For many users still don't know how to set the QoS, below the author millet router, for example, teach everyone how QoS intelligent speed Settings.

millet router QoS intelligent speed setting method is as follows:

a, first log in millet router background management interface in the computer, and then enter the "System Settings "And then click enter "QoS intelligent speed "Settings, as shown in the figure below:

2, the router's QoS intelligent speed limit function is usually closed, so here is the first speed limit should be set open QoS function, as shown in the figure below:

after three, open the QoS of speed function, and the current broadband network to automatically test is completed according to broadband, the other on the bottom you can see the current connection of Internet equipment, see below is the author of 4 m broadband test results, as shown in the figure below.

the QoS intelligent speed limit is divided into four, millet router automatic and manual, compared with the ordinary wireless router only manually more personality.Speed limit on QoS choice need to open is automatic or manual, you need to see the user requirements, as shown in the figure below:

in general, if set to automatically, so many users access to the Internet will be balanced adjustment, try to make each user bandwidth balancing, if is manually, you can according to own situation, arbitrary allocation of broadband, the percentage and minimum broadband safeguard.

, millet router Qos intelligent speed limit is very practical, the author by manually broadband users after the upper limit and lower limit, reoccupy broadband test tools, test can see broadband limit effect is very obvious, as shown in the figure below:

broadband test

editorial: Qos speed limit function, most of the routers are currently supported for multi-user access to the Internet environment, through the reasonable setting user broadband upper and lower limits, can ensure the broadband Internet users resource rational distribution, to avoid a download or watch hd movies, happen to other Internet user card.

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