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Reinstall the system after the Internet can not access the reasons and solutions

2018-01-19 12:23:55

Is in commonly to computer installation system, the system mirror inside there will be a size of about 1 g driver package, which includes the system hardware drivers, such as online video card drive, sound card driver, driver, etc.Here the problem is most often after installed to the computer system, computer due to match the suitable driver will not be able to get to the Internet, share with you how to solve the below small make up in the computer can't surf the Internet after installed system solutions.

come first and you can't surf the Internet after reshipment system on the basis of analyzing the reason, even don't surf the Internet after reshipment system there are two main reasons:

1, nic driver is normal installation;

2, did not create a broadband connection or wireless connection.

for the first, because after reshipment system, network adapter driver is installed and is the most common.Want to check whether the nic driver normal installation is very simple, as long as we enter the computer "The device manager "And then in the device manager "Throughout the network adapter &;In the view.If the driver is normal installation, the network adapter device name will have an exclamation point, as shown in the figure below:

if it is normal the nic driver, the display is the following (note, if it is a notebook computer, because there will be a wireless network card + ordinary card, so will see two nic device), as shown in the figure below:

so if the network card driver is installed and how to do?This kind of phenomenon is mainly because your computer hardware equipment is too old, the new system does not include the compatible drivers cause, also may be your system version is too old, new computer configuration, is simply the drive system at computer and hardware compatibility issues.

for this kind of computer has been unable to get to the Internet, and how to install network card driver?

of the most common way is through the computer to check the card brand models, and then remember card brand models, then go to other computer can surf the Internet to download, and then placed in a usb drive copy back to install, if it is at the bottom of the laptop to view shows the plate of model to its website to download the corresponding network card driver.Mentioned here more card or notebook brand to find the corresponding drive is relatively trouble, here recommend you download is the master drive that a third party to solve, the best and most recommended is "Driver genius universal adapter version ", because the computer can't surf the Internet after reshipment system, so you need to the other can be connected to the computer to download a driver elves universal card version of the driver software, the driver contains basic contains all kinds of network card driver at present, basic can solve the problem of all network card driver.

the last need to talk with you, if a computer network card driver cannot surf the Internet?For this case, mainly because you are a dial-up Internet access, so this kind of situation need to create a broadband connection, then fill out the online account and password.

generally speaking, the computer reshipment system cannot surf the Internet for the above two reasons, therefore, before rebinding system best download a universal network card driver package, this kind of universal network card driver package many, such as driver elves, life, and IT universal driver assistant of the sky, everyone can download column for this site, first downloaded to a local disk or stored in the U disk, in order to have problems after reshipment system, used in time, avoid unnecessary trouble.

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