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Reset the router password some of the commands

2018-01-22 15:17:11
The router to just set the password of a lot of, if not you forget that would be in trouble, no password, whether do anything?Here, I'd like to introduce a few simple commands to reset the routing of the password.

in numerous ways, we choose to cisco packet tracer simulator tool to restore the password, we will first before start router generally set a the enable password and open the router configuration interface, there will be several orders, in the order: Router>The enable / / to enter privileged mode.

router # configure terminal / / into the global model

router (config) # hostname R - A / / for naming A router command #

R - A (config) enable password / 123456789 / set the password command

as privileged mode once we forgot the password, so you can choose to shut down the router and restart, finally press the Ctrl + Break key 】 to get into the rommon mode.
then type the command to change the configuration register x2142 has a value of 0, and then again to restart the router.In

using commands such as:

rommon 1 ->Confreg 0 x2142 / / change the configuration register values to 0 x2142

rommon 3 ->Reset / / restart the router

and then we can enter the global mode reset privileged mode password and then change the register values to normal, and save your router configuration has been set up, finally again to restart the router.

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