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Rising security portable WiFi common problems and solutions

2018-02-23 10:52:11

, safe and portable WiFi, attracted the attention of many people, small make up also received a lot of putting together some common problems about the portable WiFi, safety, and given to the solution.Most of the answers from rising official, please reference.Hope to help friends!

q: why are rising out of security with WiFi?A:

, has been focused on safety, WiFi security problem is very serious now, even reported in CCTV, that we must help the user to solve this problem.Know that apple has a bicycle?Know that Google is out of the car?Know that Mazda is doing the kettle plug before?& hellip;& hellip;

q: rising security with WiFi why is more expensive than other products?

a: 1, USES the high quality + memory chip + signal gain chip.2, is our cost price, rising is not pointing to the product to earn money.3, a penny a points goods, you have your truth.

q: rising security with WiFi and what is the biggest difference between other products?

a: 1, you can see from the name, rising with the function of security, a security technology manufacturers, their products if there is no security features, that is irresponsible, embarrassed to say "hello."2, the gimped chip, we look bigger than others, why, in the fabric.QQ is small, but are willing to open big rush.

q: what is this thing?

a: specifically for you to save money, after the mobile phone, Pad, need not spend flow can put the 3 g plans change!

all sorts of small secrets, just for you on the Internet that something was discovered by xx don't have to worry about!

for you opened a VIP mobile payment security channel!Go, you can rest assured sent!

q: signal mine?

a: signal Kevin!Wear walls, the house!

q: rising security with wi-fi?How do you like our performance?

a: the portable WiFi, have function of safety in the first paragraph of the signal is strong, with drive, easy to use & hellip;& hellip;Are leading siege lion full, do not take out is not a shame!

q: can you guarantee me to buy the team's title will not be cheated?

a: it is recommended that you change the object to compare on!We can guarantee the fake phishing web site!Ensure the safety of payment!No gambling!National law does not allow!

q: can the 1024?

a: hum & hellip;& hellip;

q: I use this in the home, can let the girl next door can also surf the Internet?

a: if you like, we can for you and your sister.

q: new this cartoon image is what?Have sell?

a: 'the lion!Temporarily not to sell!

q: unit net didn't let on QQ, don't let the taobao?

a: want to can, but you still have a good job!If your boss and network management, security with WiFi, they will know that!

q: can I buy a few more?This stuff away very NB!

a: not line, not a lottery, rich sell!

q: where did you buy it?


a: jingdong rising out of the safety with WiFi, other competitors will be?Does that mean, comprehensive mobile Internet market?On what role in the healthy development of China mobile Internet?

a: ha ha & hellip;& hellip;

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