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Router PPPoE dialup failure analysis and solution

2018-03-01 11:14:47

before buy router products, the router product is TP WR840N cc-link, but now that you don't buy back after setting, linked to is not on the network, always appear PPPOE dial-up router failure, I don't know is what reason.

but directly connects a computer with a cat is no problem, one connected to a router will dial failure, I started so that the router has a problem, so I went in a same model, the question remains, I carefully all the line of the plug, and the router, and the cat are reset and reset is not connected to the network, really depressed ah, for a few days on the net.

netizens analysis answer:

zhang analysis: if the cat is the also the problems in the router's WAN port, should still router Settings, enter the user name and password in the router, set to automatically link to try again.

xiao li analysis: your line have no wrong?Or put your router to get somewhere else, take a look at the router is normal?You use cat straight even there is no problem, on behalf of the network is good.Only from the device looking for a reason.Do you have any optimization system recently?Most likely your system has a problem, try to install a system, if the router installation Settings are correct, the computer is no problem, that does the telecommunication bureau seal should be considered.

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