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Router can ping but cannot access

2018-06-01 11:55:01

First of all, 2M ADSL, cat access router, router access switch, and my computer connected to the switch. Has been able to normally visit, yesterday suddenly, the speed is very slow, I think someone may be downloading, want to look into the router, enter the discovery can not display the page at that time has been 11 o'clock at night, do not get it, go to bed earlier today Can not access, before I automatically get the IP, but now has been prompted by, can not automatically obtain, so I put my own IP is set to, gateway, found that can access but still access No, try ping192.168.1.1-t and you can ping it. But it's not normal that the ping value will sometimes be large or even dropped. The router is TPLINK this can ping通, but can not access the situation, in the end how is it? Which expert can explain, how did it occur and how can it be solved? Reset, reset, please do not have to say, like reinstall the system, it can solve all the problems, but not what I need, thank you.

The first is ARP, and the second is the overloaded operation of the router, which will cause this phenomenon. First of all, to exclude ARP, install 360, it has ARP fire prevention function, (but manually) if detected. If you have ARP, you will need a computer to route two-way bindings. And it is all computers! Then there is the best route to restart once a week, which can effectively prevent suspended animation. Finally do not rule out the switch, I have encountered the exchange of failure caused by the network is not normal, a simple way to determine is the computer directly connected to the use of routing to know ~ ~ ~ hope to give you a little help.

I also think that ARP has been downloaded, and download a software EtherPeekNX to see which Ip sent the most packets, and see if it is a lot of ARP packets, and if so, try to install a variety of ARP firewalls. (But my last use was invalid, eventually reinstalling the system) or unplugged all current network machines. Use a non-toxic machine to connect to the router, set the ip-mac binding (static routing)

If nothing has changed, you can eliminate the hardware problem Now does anyone know the router's password, Modify the access to the port? Before encountered this, when connecting to the router when you need to add the port is a simple way to reset the router, reset the next just fine

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