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Router settings arp mapping table role?

2018-02-28 14:39:40

This article to and everyone together to discuss the router Settings in the arp table is what?

by ARP table to see the network computer's MAC address and IP address mapping, and can be selected to control the computer entries configured.

ARP binding Settings can prevent ARP attack, because the ARP virus can false IP for the proxy server (but still the native MAC address), if there is no binding, internal LAN will visit the ARP virus of computer, natural you are not on the net!

if, after binding the MAC address and IP address is one to one correspondence, the purpose of preventing ARP attack to reach!

simple understanding router ARP table is what mean?

is your computer's MAC address is mapped to an IP when you surf the Internet First is a arp way by will get an IP routing according to the distribution of your MAC binding IP belong to you!

ARP table computer the IP and MAC address of the corresponding table, such as: the IP address of the

computer MAC address

0 AA - CB - 7-9 b - A - D6

0 AA - CB - 6-9 b - f - A4

static ARP binding set and what is the use ARP table is

ARP binding IP and MAC binding

ARP table is the IP address to the corresponding MAC address list

last attached ARP an explanation:

Ethernet protocol, in the same local area network (LAN) A host to be engaged in direct communication with another host, you must know the MAC address of the target host.In the TCP/IP protocol stack, network layer and transport layer only care about the IP address of the target host.This leads to the use of IP in Ethernet protocol, the data link layer of the Ethernet protocol to the TCP/IP protocol provides data, only contains the IP address of the destination host.So you need a way, according to the IP address of the destination host, obtain its MAC address.This is the ARP protocol to do.

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