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Router settings method

2018-06-11 17:20:32

1. Before connecting the wireless router, you need to know the status of your next router: the IP of the router, the IP, DNS, subnet mask assigned to you.

Tengda router ip The above information is very simple, check your network connection (double-click the network connection icon in the lower right corner of the computer -> support), which has your IP, gateway, subnet mask. The situation of the machine is as follows:

Obviously: The router IP is, the subnet mask is, and the local IP is DNS is not displayed and can be viewed by the login device. If you do not have permission to log in to the router, you can check your local DNS. Here is

2. Connect the wireless router.

Connect the cable to your wireless router's WAN port and connect it to your computer from any LAN port. Log in to your router. The default IP of my router is: The username and password are: admin. (Indicated by the device, the manual also has) The following is the setting device, if you previously set up your wireless device, first restore the factory settings (Login your router, there is a function to restore the factory settings or by RESET button on the device (usually more than 7 seconds)). The following is the login user name and password interface before login:

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