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Router can not open the three solutions

2018-01-22 16:11:36

with the popularization of computers, many users now have more than one computer, especially some young people generally have their own desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other network equipment, these products can be set with a wireless router to share access to the Internet, only needs to have his own house broadband network, broadband ADSL dial-up or broadband optical fiber door can be installed a wireless router to share Internet access, it is ok to only need to wireless router Settings for all computers and smartphones share access to the Internet, some users will encounter the router won't open, if can't open the router, you can't enter the management interface, also can't to share Internet wireless router Settings, such problems can refer to the following three methods to solve:

a, line connection or wireless router and other hardware factors lead to can't open the solution of the router

hardware failure mainly includes network connection cable in open circuit phenomenon, network connection joints to loosen, computer systems running abnormal phenomenon and a hub or router transit equipment damage phenomenon, etc., the fault can be observed through the wireless router usually light methods to help determine.Of course, the input voltage is not normal, high internal temperature of the equipment, or equipment such as a lightning storm also easy to cause a hardware failure.

in observing data in a wireless router control panel light, if we find that light intermittent flicker when we said the line connection is normal, once found the lights when not in normal working status, you must first check the secure broadband lines joint exposure, whether internal core is in a state of short circuit or a breakout, check in this aspect, we can switch to other connection normal cable for testing.

after excluding cable, we will need to enter below to the workstation check the wireless network connection Settings, for example, we can reset the IP address of the workstation network card, if found in automatically obtain IP address state cannot log into your wireless router, consider using a static IP address at the same time disable workstation system used in a firewall.

2, wireless router, or the parameters of the IE browser setting is not correct lead to can't open the router solve

if the above method is still invalid, we also need to open the IE browser workstation system, take a look at the program's connection Settings are correct.

for the examination procedures, we can open the IE browser window, and, in turn, click in the window menu bar "Tools "/ "Internet options "Command, and on the Internet options in the Settings window, click "Connection "Labels and in the heart of the corresponding tag page "Never use dial-up connection "Project is selected (pictured), and click "Identify "Button.After

click "LAN Settings "Button, Settings window after all Settings are empty, and then click the "Identify "Button, and try to open the IE browser enter wireless router address login link, and see if can't open problems still exist.

3, the restoration of wireless router to factory default Settings wouldn't open fault if using the two methods still can't solve it, the only thing we can do is to return all the parameters of the wireless router to factory default Settings, restore to factory default setting is reset the router (reset operation, please refer to: the router to factory default method), install again after reset the corresponding device driver.If not even this way, we can conclude that wireless router itself almost hardware fault happens, the only please the professional and technical personnel door-to-door settled, or need to replace a new wireless router.

using wired or wireless router are unavoidably have some problems, the users themselves to learn more at ordinary times the router Settings, so that even if routers use aspects of the problems, the user can also return the router to factory default Settings, and then reset the router can solve the problem of out most of the common faults.

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