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Router WAN port indicator light is not bright how to solve

2018-02-09 17:04:27

router WAN light not bright, check the connection, the router discovery line connection is normal.The router's Settings is no problem, after many experiments router WAN indicator is still not on mouth, appear this kind of circumstance how to solve?

1. First of all check whether physical line is too long, twisted pair transmission distance of 100 meters, if more than the distance, the signal will appear in terms of transmission attenuation phenomenon such as serious, causing WAN light not on.

2. Check whether the cable is normal, you can change the Internet line or Ethernet cable plugged in on other devices, to see if normal.

3. Check the router WAN port port mode, may not port mode matching.Such as CNC line is 10 m full duplex, and router WAN port Settings is 100 m full-duplex, will appear this kind of circumstance.Try to modify the speed WAN port for 10 m full duplex.

4. Check whether the WAN port is normal, can be connected to other devices will be WAN port or connect the computer directly.If the light is normal, can communication, explain the WAN port is normal.If the light is not bright, cannot communicate, explain the WAN port has a problem.Is more than

router WAN port analysis and solution about the cause of the light is not bright, also need to look at when the router doesn't work properly lamp working condition.

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