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Router address can not open the solution

2018-01-19 18:40:34

Dial to change the password, set the broadband routers automatically require into management background to the operation, such as huawei routers background management interface address, but if you can't open this address?Refresh a few times after landing window has been can't pop up display only a blank, can't get into the router management background but can't do anything.To download it below small make up take a look at the reference solution.

a, correct wiring

check whether Internet cable for my computer connected to the correct port (1, 2, 3, 4, any LAN port), determine the corresponding computer network interface and router interface indicator light is normal.

(2) to determine the opening address's right

general router's web site, or different brand of router and even different models of routers, this address is not the same.Most like TP - the Link is, but have a portable router is instead.May be you lost into www., this address is wrong!Remember that no WWW!There may be people you less input: input HTTP / / this symbol, so most simple input method is to use the IE browser address bar empty content, directly enter (or, specific can check the nameplate on the reverse of the router.

three, into the sky wing broadband

sometimes we enter the router web site in the browser to enter the telecom Tianyi broadband interface, not the router's setup interface. This time we can refer to: landing, entering the telecom Tianyi, and how to solve


four, set automatic access to IP address

click the wireless icon in the lower right corner of the computer, and then select: open the network and share the center

then click on the left: change the adapter setting

enters the network list interface, right click on the current connection network, select [attribute]

enters the network settings dialog box, double click on open [Internet protocol version 4]

checks the IP address and automatically gets the DNS server address and clicks on the

five, manually setting the IP address

if the above method is not successful, it may be the reason that the router has automatically allocated the IP address, and you can try the following method:

opens [network and sharing centers], clicks on [property], and then clicks on [Internet protocol version 4].Manually enter the IP address, IP address and router in the same network segment, if the router address is, then manually enter 192.168.1. ~ (~ for a number of 2-253, so long as is not 1, otherwise it will cause IP address conflicts) finally click ok.Browser and then to enter the router login web site, to see whether any login interface.Six, RESET the router


in the case of the above methods are not only RESET the router, the router current condition, use paper clips and other sharp objects, hold down the router RESET button (button) panel after 5 to 8 seconds, the front panel lights flash, after three times into normally on indicates that the router RESET successfully.Try again to login admin interface.If reset can't solve this problem to consider the router hardware is broken.

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