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Router evolution by the device! Huawei, a strong introduction of new smart furniture

2018-01-25 11:22:00

At the CES 2018, huawei has released the latest flagship routing huawei WiFi Q2.One set of three routing suits and powerful features attracted lots of attention.

CCTV recently also in China for the breakthrough in the field of smart home was reported: "intelligent household cannot leave the control center, that is the router connection for each product, and huawei is to upgrade the router by the apparatus for content, converts the unified standard of many manufacturers, get rid of compatibility, make smart home into faster."

features, huawei WiFi Q2 supports dual channel gigabit networking technology, which can realize full cover nondestructive MB broadband, up to 192 devices can be attached.It supports mesh wi-fi technology, can realize the double frequency automatic routing, united into a wi-fi name.Network switch time of about 100 ms, always automatically connect the best network for the user.

users can be found automatically by the huawei intelligent household APP, a key connection, unified management HiLink smart devices.Support intelligent scene is recommended, and realize intelligent control, create new intelligent household.

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