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Router forgot WiFi password how to do?

2018-01-19 14:16:03

time is long a lot of friends will leave their wifi password forgot, small make up today is to introduce the three methods to solve the problem of forget the wifi password, do not need to download any software.Method one:

PC "Display character "

the premise is to find WiFi attached to the computer, at this moment we network icon, click on the lower right corner and select good we are connected network name, right-click and choose "Properties throughout the &;Here, and then select safe, check "Display character ", you can see our WiFi password.

 method 2: in the router Settings interface retrieved

premise is the login password to remember, access to the wireless router management background for viewing.We use the PC cable and wireless router connection (if the computer can connect to the wireless don't need to use the network cable, the situation in view of the wifi password error unable to connect to the wifi), and then open the browser, type in the address bar " ".After enter background management code correctly, can enter the Settings page.Here we find the wireless Settings, will show the wireless network name (SSID) and wireless password.

if you can't login to check the router address is correct, whether have been modified.

flipped the wireless router, view as shown in the paper.Can write above have wireless router management address and account number and password, if you haven't tried before the account password, enter the account and password can log in.

method 3: reset the router to set the wireless network after

this is the final method, if only, can not connect through the Internet cannot through mobile terminal connection, that we can only reset the wireless router to solve the problem.First of all, we find the wireless router "Reset"Key, then press with finger length 15 seconds, the wireless router can be restored to factory state.Wireless router now set, we need through the mobile terminal or PC to reset.

after reset the network name and wireless password can normal access to the Internet, we need to remember your password, don't ever forget it.

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